Lean UX Workshop (Virtual)

20 hours

"I have a product idea, and I want to make sure I build the right thing."

Always Evolving
The world is always evolving and traditional models for product delivery don't allow teams to quickly adapt. This often leads to wasted time, investment and sometimes critical failure. Product teams need the tools and processes in place to regularly validate the product's proposed values to the business or its customers and the agility to quickly pivot on the changes that will happen during product development.

Lean UX Workshops Kickstart Successful Solutions
Heavily influenced by the principles of Lean, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, the Lean UX Workshop teaches business professionals the principles and activities they need to ensure their products stay relevant in this fast-paced and ever-changing world. Our team of dedicated user experience professionals will guide your product team and stakeholders through this unique and proven approach, putting your product on the path for success.

What to Expect

The Virtual Lean UX Workshop is conducted across five half-day remote sessions held over two weeks. In the workshop participants will interact with workshop facilitators, product stakeholders and product delivery professionals in both a large-group setting and in smaller breakout teams in each of the workshop's four parts:

  1. Collaborative Discovery 
  2. Customer Behaviors, Needs & Drivers
  3. Testable Value Statements & Prioritization
  4. Product Design Studio

They will engage in activities crafted to meticulously draw out their assumptions, discover customer motivations, generate high-impact insights and create alignment around prioritized, testable value statements. 

  • Clearly define the problem the product solves, why change is needed and what you hope to accomplish
  • Collaborate with key business stakeholders, subject matter experts and delivery professionals
  • Identify who the product's customers are (or will be) and discover what their strongest needs and motivations are
  • Align business objectives and product features with customer values in testable value statements
  • Learn a unique customer-focused product delivery process driven by the Lean motto: Build. Measure. Learn.

Goals & Objectives


  • Shared understanding and alignment on a clear path forward across business stakeholders, product team, and delivery team
  • Reduced risk to the business and wasted investments
  • Increased adoption of core and new product features

Deliverables & artifacts

  • Consulting sessions to draft and refine product problem statement with product owner
  • Workshop activities and materials
  • Proto-personas
  • Prioritized testable value statements
  • Storyboards for top testable value statement

What is a workshop? A workshop is a series of working sessions in which technology decision makers, architects, engineers and line of business representation meet with WWT subject matter experts, engineers, program/process management and sales teams to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be used in your organization. These are paid engagements with a defined outcome and deliverable, e.g., action plan, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for project implementation. They take place in-person or via video conference and last from 2 hours to 5 days.

Who should attend? (this list is non-exhaustive)

  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Stakeholders
  • Product Designers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Real or potential customers


  • Equips product teams with a proven and repeatable product-delivery process
  • Generates a shared understanding through collaborative discovery
  • Builds consensus on a clear path forward focused on testing the product's highest-risk, highest-value propositions
  • Reduces waste and risk to the business by regularly asking, “What is the smallest, cheapest thing to build that tests our next highest-priority value statement?”
  • Increases adoption of core and new product features