Next Gen Meetings Workshop

4 hours
Meetings are an integral part of how we do business. Whether they last for one hour or eight, the meetings we schedule and attend are where decisions are discussed and made. One of the most important aspects of a meeting is how engaged each participant is. Whether in the room or remote, every member should have equal involvement.

What to Expect

During our Next Gen Meetings Workshop, WWT experts will explore the many powerful conferencing platforms available. Whether it’s on-premise or cloud conferencing you are looking for, the current market has countless options. In this workshop you can expect to:
  • Get hands-on access to emerging technology
  • Gain an understanding of the the leading team collaboration tools
  • Learn about advancements in video endpoints and scheduling solutions
  • Discuss how AI may affect meetings in the near future

Goals & Objectives

WWT’s Next Gen Meetings Workshop is a strategic working session and roundtable discussion focused on your current business challenges and goals for enhancing collaborative meetings across your enterprise. The primary objective of this workshop is to help better understand the wide range of options that enterprises have when choosing a conferencing platform.


At the end of the WWT Next Gen Meetings Workshop, your organization will have a better understanding of how technology can help your teams collaborate using their preferred method of connection. You’ll learn from common use‐case scenarios and we’ll work together to discuss next steps to help your enterprise bring the right conferencing platform to your organization.