Optimize your business with modern storage solutions


Trying to figure out how to leverage object storage in your enterprise environment? Want to understand what object storage and cloud storage actually is?

While object storage solutions have been around for over a decade, they have been thought of and targeted as only a niche archive solution in the past. Learn how modern object storage solutions are disrupting the traditional NAS market.

You can also discover how object storage and cloud storage are being leveraged by leading enterprises to drive down storage costs, increase resiliency and durability and move their organization to a modern data ecosystem, where data is always available: anywhere, anytime and from any device.


Workshops can be customized to your needs, no matter the stage of your exploration. In general, the first meeting centers on:

  • The current state of your environment
  • Specific pain points you’re trying to solve
  • Your desired future state (3-5 years)

Typically in the first session, products and architectural solutions are not discussed. However, once we know your direction and capture some requirements, our lead object architects will create a technical briefing from your input.

This written report will include feedback on how different solutions may be of value to your storage operation. A follow-on meeting will delve deeper into possible point solutions and architectures.


Get a written read out from this no-cost workshop on potential architectural solutions and how they can help optimize your business for cost, resiliency and employee productivity.

Are you more advanced and want to discuss your real-world use cases and if object could be a good fit? We can speak to our experiences and where we see traction.

Investigate the leading solution providers in this market and how object storage fits into the traditional storage vendor’s current strategies and portfolios.

View our Object Storage Workshop brochure.

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