As technology turns over at an increasing rate and businesses respond to changing customer needs, IT organizations are tasked with quickly deploying technology infrastructure while reducing costs, optimizing asset usage and improving internal efficiencies. In order to keep pace, organizations need a new approach to supply chain management, one in which service delivery times are marked by rapid iterations and short cycles. During a Supply Chain Workshop, WWT business and supply chain experts will review plan-to-pay processes, physical logistics, information exchange, resource utilization, cash flow and asset lifecycle management.


The WWT Supply Chain Workshop is a two- to four-hour discovery whiteboard session, exploring your organization’s current IT acquisition process. Our experts will provide real-world examples of how large public and private organizations have accelerated the implementation of technology. After the workshop, participants will receive a Financial Impact Analysis for their organizations.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to evaluate and strengthen critical areas of supply chain management, including business requests and approvals, sourcing, configuration and staging, shipment, installation and asset management. Participants gain an understanding of how different approaches to these areas of supply chain management impact time to market, return on capital and productivity.

View our Supply Chain Workshop brochure.

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