Explore the exponential growth and impact of video‐based collaboration tools


Powerful new advances in video and real‐time collaboration solutions are making it possible to empower productivity, connect even the most geographically dispersed workforce and capture tremendous savings. However, evaluating the multitude of available solutions and ensuring that your network infrastructure can support them can be difficult. World Wide Technology’s (WWT) Video and Collaboration Workshop can help you understand and leverage recent innovations in video, unified communications and collaboration solutions to deliver the media‐rich environment today’s users demand, regardless of their location or device.

During a Video and Collaboration Workshop, WWT experts will explore the exponential growth and impact of video‐based user‐centric business collaboration tools and examine a variety of advanced video and real‐time collaboration solutions. We will share best practices and our proven methodologies for delivering and scaling high‐quality live and on‐demand video in order to connect people and media across any device or application, accelerate decision‐making, extend effectiveness and reach, transform learning environments as well as improve safety and security. We will also discuss how you can optimize network performance across the enterprise to support video‐based collaborative solutions and explore common use‐case scenarios.


A WWT Video and Collaboration Workshop is a two‐ to four‐hour strategic whiteboard session and roundtable discussion focused on your current business challenges and goals for providing high‐quality video and cutting‐edge collaboration capabilities across your enterprise. The primary objective of this workshop is to help you better understand emerging video and collaboration technology as well as WWT’s proven approach to establishing a video‐based collaborative culture.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss your enterprise‐wide video and collaboration goals and network requirements with WWT’s certified experts and Technical Solution Architects (TSAs). At the end of the Video and Collaboration Workshop, your organization will have a better understanding of available solutions and deployment options, as well as the next steps to take in order to address your technical challenges, key business objectives and network demands with a focused strategy for incorporating advanced video, unified communications and collaboration solutions into your infrastructure.

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