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Fast backup is important, but immediate and reliable data recovery is critical to avoiding downtime, financial loss and reputational damage. Cybersecurity Ventures expects $20 billion in damage costs from ransomware alone to global businesses by the end of 2021. With ransomware attacks increasing in severity and number, your enterprise must start proactively preparing for a worst-case scenario.

Why it's important

A modern data management solution can help organizations more quickly achieve:

  • Robust business continuity goals, including meeting more demanding SLAs without operational disruption.
  • Ransomware recovery at scale.
  • Data agility across data centers, clouds and to the edge.
  • Accelerated innovation for other business outcomes, such as DevOps and analytics.

What we deliver

We understand your business is at stake which is why WWT, Cohesity and Pure Storage have teamed to deliver modern data management that gets all of your data back, at scale, immediately when bad things happen. Our solution is modern, all-flash backup and recovery -- and it's higher performance than disk-based storage, so you can speed up operations, process more data quickly and accelerate innovation through faster data reuse.

Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity® is like racing fuel for your IT environment, and implementing with WWT boosts your return.

How it works

Enterprises use Pure FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity to recover data rapidly, reliably and at scale. It's a jointly-architected, modern, all-flash backup and recovery solution that also includes advanced ways to combat ransomware attacks while creating new opportunities to do more with data -- all in a truly integrated experience.

Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity®
Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity® with Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud Data Mobility

As a value-added partner to businesses, we're excited about this solution because all customers have data that must be instantly recoverable. And until now, that's been hard because of all of the legacy silos that IT operates and many recovery operations have been manual. Yet, if data takes days or weeks to recover, the business suffers tremendously in terms of erosion of customer revenue and trust.

Pure FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity eliminates data silos, converging and speeding backup and recovery with ease of management. It's a great first step for organizations seeking to move to a diskless data center with less hands-on IT tasks. If you are looking for a solution like this, these are just some of the benefits:

  • Three times faster backup and restore throughput and recovery of thousands of VMs a day -- up to 1 PB a day to meet large-scale recovery needs.
  • Simple to operate and manage with native cloud integration and non-disruptive upgrades.
  • Scalable to multicloud and edge for more efficient resource usage.
  • Ransomware protection with immutable backups and predictable recovery at scale, anywhere.
  • Efficient search and instant recovery to get back to business fast.
  • Data reuse to get the most value for all applications.

In one solution, customers get the ultra-fast recovery times that all-flash storage delivers with complete data management and protection across the enterprise. And for the greatest flexibility, the integrated, high-performance, multicloud-ready solution is available in a disaggregated architecture with independent scaling of compute and storage for backup and recovery processes.

Speed your data recovery with our team

Downtime is unacceptable in today's fast-paced business environment. Contact us to learn more about how our team -- WWT, Cohesity and Pure Storage -- can help your organization accelerate backups and recovery with modern data management.

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