WWT receives new equipment and software into our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) every month, enhancing and expanding the ATC ecosystem and allowing our customers to evaluate new technology and reach their desired outcomes.

We are very excited about the new Cisco DNA Software-Defined Access training fabrics we recently received and installed in the lab. WWT developed a free one-day training class to help educate customers and internal WWT users on the latest Software-Defined Access technologies released by Cisco. WWT is the only partner providing free training on SD-Access and DNA Center.

WWT developed a free one-day training class to help educate customers and internal WWT users on the latest Software Defined Access technologies released by Cisco.

The environment consists of five identical environments that include Cisco's latest campus switches, the Catalyst 9000 series and Cisco DNA Center appliance. This allows 10 engineers to train at a time, working in pairs to build out the fabric.

DNA Center allows for both full automation capabilities and an advanced analytics engine that provides detailed visibility and insight into the holistic network system. DNA Center is a central point of management for the campus fabrics that includes intuitive and intent-based provisioning workflows that makes configuring complex environments extremely simple. The analytics engine ingests data from multiple sources providing unique and advanced insights into the network, user and application health.

The automation and analytics capabilities of DNA Center coupled with the new Catalyst 9000 series switches simplifies the design and deployment of secure, segmented campus fabrics.

The fabric portion of the solution, provisioned via the DNA Center appliance, provides customers with highly secure, optimized and visible campus networks.

Organizations interested in building highly secure and optimized campus or branch networks for both wireless and wired, and looking to gain advanced, intelligent insight into the operations of those networks, will benefit from the DNA Center plus SD Access campus solution.

WWT has seven other SD-Access Fabrics (total of 12) and DNA Center Appliances in the ATC for demonstrations, training and customer education. This allows us to scale to provide multiple demonstrations to multiple customers simultaneously.

For more information about how to deploy SD-Access using Cisco DNA Center, watch this 14-minute video or read this outstanding blog by my colleague, Bill Thompson.