CloudCenter and ScienceLogic: Deployment and Day 2 Operations

How integrating Cisco CloudCenter and ScienceLogic brings self-service functionality and visibility to Day 2 operations

August 30, 2017 2 minute read

Automation and operations

In my meetings with customers over the last couple of years, one question seems to surface more often than others:

That's usually how it starts, but it doesn’t end there by any means. Not only is quick and consistent deployment important to enable IT organizations to achieve the self-service functionality that lines of business are asking for, but it's also vital to monitoring and managing that environment proactively.

WWT has been working with Cisco CloudCenter for several years now. Once we realized the enormous benefits  CloudCenter can provide customers who are looking to achieve a fully automated, self-service environment, we immediately started looking for an appropriate Day 2 IT operations management (ITOM) platform. The ITOM platform we were looking for needed to have multicloud discovery and management plus be open and extensible like CloudCenter.

Architecture overview
Architecture overview


After reviewing the ITOM space for hybrid cloud management platforms, we selected ScienceLogic. When we first contacted ScienceLogic, they didn't yet have the capability to discover CloudCenter and correlate its deployments to actual infrastructure.

WWT and ScienceLogic decided to partner and develop the CloudCenter plug-in for the platform. The plug-in was developed and tested within our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Some of the benefits of the plug-in include the ability to correlate CloudCenter deployed nodes to the backend infrastructure that supports it.

For instance, if an application appears to be having an issue, the application owner can quickly look at the application view within ScienceLogic and check if any of the infrastructure components associated with the application are having any issues. The plug-in also manages the status of the CloudCenter components, giving IT operations a visual view of the health of the CloudCenter distributed platform.

Watch this short video for more on WWT's integration between Cisco CloudCenter and ScienceLogic.

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