Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Bridge the gap between public and private cloud.

What does your cloud landscape look like?

Hybrid cloud offers a vision of applications running wherever they maximize value while also meeting business requirements. But cloud platforms remain a confusing topic for many organizations. Leveraging our expertise, you can distinguish and understand hybrid cloud platforms to determine how they should fit into your overall cloud landscape and strategy.
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How do I get started?

Our approach provides innovative solutions for all hybrid cloud requirements. We build technology solutions that provide operational and functional consistency across on-premises, off-premises and public environments.
Our objective is to help you understand how hybrid cloud fits within an organizational cloud strategy and outline a plan for evaluating hybrid cloud platforms. Customized workshop sessions introduce hybrid cloud platforms, review your initiatives, define goals and use cases, and set timelines for design and deployment.
Work with our experts to create a single strategy for addressing developer needs and identify opportunities to improve operator ability to react to business needs. We can facilitate working sessions for application dependency mapping, sizing and cost modeling and complex architecture design. Utilize the ATC lab environment to mimic any proposed solution functionality within your own infrastructure.
Prior to deployment, we conduct a readiness assessment to ensure your infrastructure and resources are prepared to properly integrate the new technology. We cover all aspects of implementation, including network integration, SDDC deployment, DRaaS configuration, workload migration and application replatforming.
You have the right platforms deployed — now what? Our expertise exceeds solution design and deployment. Use our data analytics or application development teams to identify further opportunities, or engage with our Adoption Services practice to receive hands-on training and guidance around licensing or enterprise agreements.

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