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As users increasingly choose Microsoft productivity applications online, enterprise IT teams are having to reimagine their data management and protection strategies. Microsoft 365 boasts native and add-on data protection solutions, yet they fail to deliver the enterprise-grade capabilities organizations require to achieve all of their compliance goals—particularly short- and long-term data retention requirements.

Protecting your Microsoft 365 data is your responsibility, and Cohesity offers a comprehensive enterprise-class backup and data management for the Microsoft 365 Suite. Cohesity brings simplicity and efficiency to protecting Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams, and Groups on-premises, in Microsoft Azure or as a service with Cohesity's Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering. Cohesity empowers IT teams to control backup and recovery processes and costs while meeting compliance and mitigating risks—protecting data on-premises or in the cloud from human error, ransomware and other threats. 

Contain damage and recover fast from data loss scenarios

Native recovery capabilities in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams and Groups are critically limited. For example, item-level recovery doesn't guarantee data retention. Instead, the no-hold function adds exposure to insider threats while the hold function increases costs and risks. The Deleted Items folder is similarly an unreliable retention method because users are trained to frequently empty folders to save space. 

The Recoverable Items folder—serving as a second-stage recycle bin that stores deleted content from the Deleted Items folder in native Microsoft 365 recovery—has only a 14-day default retention period. Mailbox recovery with native Exchange Online is equally inadequate for data saving because deleted mailboxes and contents are only automatically retained for 30 days. IT assumes the expense and time required to manage inactive data and mailboxes put on hold for litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and employee turnover.

Cloud protection for Microsoft 365

Eliminate CapEx with a cloud to cloud backup and recovery service for your mission-critical M365 data. Cohesity's Backup as a Sevice offers a simple, flexible and secure enterprise-class protection for cloud-native applications. Meet demanding SLAs without breaking the bank. Just sign-up, connect and protect so you can stop worrying about your cloud data.

Improve Microsoft 365 backup and data management with Cohesity

For decades, regulated industries and government agencies have followed stringent digital information governance policies. Now businesses worldwide also have to comply with mandated data policies designed to ease M&As, inform legal proceedings and offer transparency into business operations. Cohesity's comprehensive backup and data management capabilities provide significant benefits in these areas to enterprises worldwide relying on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams and Groups:

  • Simple – Auto-discover and auto-protect your M365 data. Meet data retention and compliance requirements by auto-discovering and auto-protecting M365 data, including mailboxes, groups, and files and folders.
  • Seamless – Access recovery workflows in the context of mailboxes, files and folders. Cohesity indexes metadata to aid easy global search and rapid recovery from internal and external threats.
  • Automated – Set and forget data retention rules by creating automated policies with specific SLAs, saving time while protecting ever-increasing M365 data.
  • Flexible – Support flexible and expanded policies with a wide breadth of restore options for customized backup retention periods to meet unique business requirements. Rules can include recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs).
  • Efficient – Automatically protect new mailboxes, files and folders added to an M365 user account. Simply use text string-based search to protect mailboxes and objects associated with a given user name account.
  • Extensible – Restore objects to their original or an alternative location—including the cloud—and gain a disaster recovery alternative for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams and Groups with native cloud integration.
  • Secure – Simplify e-discovery and fight back against cyberattacks with granular instant recovery and the ability to search for particular emails or files according to different metadata fields. Strengthen data governance and oversight with improved backup and recovery process visibility.
  • Governance – Protect your most sensitive data with AI-powered governance and threat detection while meeting compliance requirements and quickly responding and recovering from ransomware and other cyber threats.

More than half of all businesses use Microsoft 365, shifting the traditional enterprise application suite from on-premises to the cloud. Be prepared for a myriad of potential data loss scenarios by efficiently protecting your M365 data. Learn more about dramatically fast backups and rapid, granular recovery for Microsoft 365 from Cohesity.