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Sophisticated cyber attackers continue to compromise organizations at an unprecedented rate, forcing security programs to continually evolve to keep pace with the agile nature of advanced attacks. As the responsibility for adequately protecting critical assets becomes a central focus, it's no surprise security operations teams are facing increased scrutiny and a rise in repercussions.

While gaining visibility with the right tools is a fundamental first step for every security team, it's simply not enough. It's critical security teams move from siloed point-in-time metadata snapshots to fully correlated, cross-machine, end-to-end story views to accurately identify key defensive gaps, and continuously measure and improve security programs.

Consider these questions:

  • Do you want to assess your organization's attack surface and uncover threats that can easily be mitigated?
  • Do you want to identify key gaps in your security programs?
  • Do you want to better understand your organization's cyber risk posture and threat exposure?

If so...

Remove blind spots, empower defenders

WWT's Cyber Posture Assessment provides actionable intelligence about your existing security ops programs plus an in-depth assessment of your overall breach readiness. Whether you want to examine configured operating systems, assess password management policies, or identify misconduct or the misconfiguration of services, browsing actions or applications — our Cyber Posture Assessment can arm your team with an organization-wide view.

The assessment positions your security ops team to become a global business-enabler on your push toward digital transformation. Think of it as an annual check up to immunize your network against the latest risks posed by the proliferation of endpoint devices (i.e., mobile phones, laptops and tablets) connected to your network.

Key assessment benefits

  • Improve cybersecurity defense through clear and actionable recommendations.
  • Identify and compare key gaps with peers.
  • Complete visibility of cross-geo assets and network topology.
  • Develop a prioritized remediation roadmap.
  • Reduce operational cost.
  • Promote effective IT governance.
discovery use cases

Cyber posture risk score

WWT's Cyber Posture Assessment, powered by Cybereason, delivers a rapid understanding of your enterprise's current state of affairs. You'll come away with the ability to enhance your security readiness over time with detailed reporting and rich, easy-to-communicate data paired with knowledge transfer from WWT and Cybereason industry experts.

Complete endpoint inventory mapping

We'll show you how to maintain a complete and precise inventory of assets on all operating systems — both roaming and connected to your network — with the ability to highlight maliciously misused or misconfigured assets. Breakdowns of accessed applications and networks by domain and geo-location offer customers a complete organization-wide view.

Configuration management

You'll also learn how to maintain formal configuration management procedures and change control of endpoints according to industry best practices by detecting the presence of critical security updates and understanding their respective risks. Our assessment can help reduce the unnecessary dwell-time of attacks caused by delays in patching critical vulnerabilities in your software.

Protect, detect, contain and respond smarter, not harder

WWT's Cyber Posture Assessment is powered by the Cybereason services team, which leverages Cybereason's research, hunting, IR and managed security operations arm. The team comprises incident responders and expert threat hunters whose defensive and offensive security expertise spans security tools from Cybereason's Defense Platform to many other security applications.

Through this assessment, WWT and Cybereason combine people, processes and technology to build security ops best practices holistically. We can quickly assess the current state of your managed and unmanaged assets, detect the presence of critical security updates, patch policy and misconfigured services, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your security posture and reduce risk.

We'll help you identify gaps, set goals, track improvements and continuously monitor and measure activity to strengthen your overall IT hygiene and organizational security posture.

If critical threats are detected during the assessment, additional services like remote or on-site incident response are offered through Cybereason. These include select services that fit your organization's needs such as Active Response, Active Hunting and Complete Incident Response engagement.

If you're interested in learning more about Cybereason, check out the Cybereason Lab we built in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC). This sandbox environment is designed to help customers develop proficiency in deploying, managing and monitoring Cybereason solutions.

About Cybereason

Defending against today's threats requires security teams to prevent and cut the noise against known attacks, while quickly detecting and remediating advanced attacks. The Cybereason Defense Platform combines endpoint prevention, detection and response all with one lightweight agent. Multi-layered endpoint prevention is delivered using signature and signatureless techniques to prevent known and unknown threats, and behavioral and deception techniques to prevent ransomware and fileless attacks. Learn more at

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