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What just happened?

You wake up, head to the kitchen to get that first cup of coffee, sit down to your computer, open your app that you use everyday and suddenly, what just happened? The buttons have moved! The options have changed! What happened? Panic starts to kick in. That cup of coffee you just poured is suddenly not needed cause your heart is already beginning to race. Questions begin to fill your head. Why did they change it? It was fine the way it was before! Everything you once knew seems to have been thrown out the window!

What do I do?

Just like they say at the doctor's office "take a deep breath for me."

Technology is ever-changing. Without notice, your favorite app can change. Not to make your life difficult, but to show you how it can make you faster and more efficient. Yes, it may seem like it will slow you down at first, but changes made to technology are intended to improve the user experience.

The amazing part about changes in technology is there are people out there who can help. Even those who educate others on technology must embrace change and remain up to date on what's changing, when, and why. 

Technology seems to be changing at the speed of light lately just to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in. Even when you go into some restaurants, you won't talk to anyone to order your food, you will place your order on a screen and then wait for your name to be called. Self-check out lines in your grocery stores are the same thing: more cost efficient. Some might say it is taking away jobs, while others may find it a better user experience and more efficient than ever. 

Ways to adapt

Continuing education

WWT Adoption Services create the plan and educate employees with simple and customized instruction to ensure a smooth, easy transition by creating an educated and empowered end-user community.


Our platform ( allows you to come back and read about the latest and greatest in technologies that are available on the market today. This not only keeps you up to date, but also get you better prepared for what's to come. 

Apply your learning

Show everyone what you have learned by preparing others for the changes to come. Let them see how change doesn't have to be such a scary thing.

How we can help

So pour that cup of coffee in the morning. Put your feet up and enjoy every drop. Changes come and go all the time when it comes to technology. You can rest easy and embrace the changes knowing that there are resources and an entire team of people that are here to support you and provide a seamless transition. Find out more by checking into our Customer Success Group and Adoption Services