In our report 5G: Follow the Money, we identified the five key 5G investment priorities: cloud computing, smart mobility, media & entertainment, gaming and AR/VR.

Each of these transformational technologies rely on foundational 5G technologies, such as edge computing, to thrive. Investment in edge will therefore be key to unlocking the opportunity these areas present.

Yet despite investor excitement, network service providers remain concerned over the significant investment costs and unconvinced about ROI, which in turn positions them as lagging when it comes to edge readiness.

It is bit of a chicken and egg situation, in which many service providers feel unable to confidently move forward and prepare themselves to capture the value of the next critical edge use case. 

In this practical guide, we will look at the steps which service providers can take to ensure that they are 5G edge-ready:

  • What actions can be taken right now to ensure they can discover and prepare for new revenue streams and new customers?
  • How can service providers identify clear sources of ROI and reduce the risk of innovation?
  • Should service providers partner with hyperscalers?
  • How can service providers reduce solution time to market, increase deployment speed and maximize supply chain agility?

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