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If you are thinking about moving away from BigFix, you've probably spent countless hours and exerted tremendous efforts in building and maintaining your current BigFix architecture. We understand your concerns, and we know just how daunting it can be to go from BigFix "growing pains" to new challenges with a new solution.

This is especially true for endpoint solutions considering they provide visibility and control across your entire enterprise. Sadly, there is no "flipping off a switch" or a copy/paste method for success. A guided and holistic approach is key to a smooth transition. 

Luckily, you've come to the right place! Let's take a look at four key activities you should consider when preparing for your transition from BigFix to Tanium.

The WWT method for replacing BigFix

The WWT approach to BigFix replacement is broken down into two phases: the assessment phase and the implementation phase. To prepare for implementation, we will begin with a "pre-implementation" assessment which will help accelerate the transition to Tanium. Pre-implementation activities provide a holistic look at people and processes. This approach is broader and more encompassing than a typical technology focused replacement plan.

The result is an all-inclusive implementation plan that provides visibility and guidance across people and processes for a smooth implementation. We will conduct assessments (interviews and artifact analysis) to determine the best approach across all key pre-implementation activities. 

4 steps for BigFix replacement

Activity 1: Mapping solutions and identifying gaps

We begin by mapping existing BigFix solutions and capabilities to Tanium, then identify potential opportunities for enhancing people and processes. Since both solutions come with different capabilities, it is important to NOT expect a 1:1 mapping between BigFix and Tanium. 

We understand you have been doing things a certain way for a long time but adopting a new technology without re-evaluating your current processes will limit your opportunities for growth, or even worse, stagnate your growth completely. What if I simply told you there's a better way? Expect opportunities to enhance your current processes and optimize your operation. How should we handle gaps? Consider the way you have been utilizing BigFix and allow Tanium to transform your operation for the better.

Activity 2: Content analysis and development plan

Do you have hundreds, or even thousands, of Fixlets, Tasks and Analyses? Are they custom content or BigFix Out of Box (OOB) content? We expect our customers to have a ton of custom content which they have built over time to manage their environment. One of the biggest concerns we see is migrating and developing content. To tackle this, we recommend starting with content analysis, which will lead us to a clear content migration plan. 

We will analyze your content to understand what you currently have and how you are using it, then map it to Tanium's out-of-box content. Then we will create a development plan for the remaining content and provide recommendations around process improvement. Maybe you don't need the extra hundred or so Fixlets because there's a better way to do it with Tanium.

Activity 3: Process and people management

Security transcends technology. It involves people, policy and management. Your security solutions should be a part of a greater security strategy which is orchestrated by a governance and management program. Often, we see processes put in place because of specific capabilities or deficiencies of an endpoint management system. 

As management platforms are migrated, we need to review processes to ensure maximum value of the new platform. For this reason, we recommend a detailed assessment around process and people management. This assessment covers existing processes and provides recommendations to be considered for the implementation. It also covers people, change management, staff training, etc. 

We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to gain a clear picture of what the current state looks like and what the expectations are for the transition to Tanium. We will also perform artifact analysis (design documents, guides, policies, etc.) and provide recommendations throughout the engagement. 

Activity 4: Tailored recommendations for deployment

Finally, we provide recommendations for technical deployment that factor in your unique environment (network, number of sites and endpoints, existing BigFix architecture, etc.). This plan is tailored for your environment and your circumstances. 

We also want to consider the order of operation and break those down into milestones and tasks. Eventually we want to pull the BigFix plug but need a gradual approach for a smooth transition. It is also important to include testing throughout the engagement.


Assessments across the key areas will lead to a clear and thorough implementation plan. The recommendations produced from this engagement are major accelerators towards implementation. It's recommended to have SMEs who know both BigFix and Tanium and can guide you through the implementation.

If you are considering the transition from BigFix to Tanium, let's chat. With our BigFix and Tanium SMEs, our Advanced Technology Center lab environment and our structured approach, we can help guide you as you embark on your new journey.