When people and companies start big undertakings, they often start at the beginning with an idea. Others prefer starting at the end, working backwards from a outcome. 

Rarely does anyone start in the middle. That's because it's often the most difficult to figure out. How do you turn ideas into an outcome? From test and learn to plug and play? How can you start putting the pieces together to arrive at a pre-defined vision?

The answer is global operations — the art of bringing to life solutions that make a tangible, lasting impact on your business.

Global ops a complex series of events, but mandatory to succeed. For levity's sake, let's consider Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory as an example. The factory has countless rooms and units — from the chocolate room and river to the inventing and testing rooms and even the Wankavision studio and Wonkavator. 

Each unit has its own purpose and must work together to accomplish a singular goal: great tasting chocolate. It's a supply chain. 

Global ops ties it all together — a tour guide of sorts to take you through each stage of the supply chain.  

As it relates to WWT, our Global Ops team helps bring the entire value proposition of WWT to life in the most efficient manner possible — a single point of contact to take leverage all of the resources we have to offer. 

  • Ideation and consulting
  • Briefings, demos and sandboxes
  • Training, workshops and POCs
  • Assessments, design and architecture
  • Software development
  • Global staging and integration
  • Deployment and lifecycle
  • Business and consumer outcomes

How we do it

Research tells us that 70 percent of digital transformation initiatives will fail to reach stated goals. An underlying cause is the failure to transform the modern digital assembly line: the organization's underlying business processes and tools.

Many organizations understand the dire need to evolve but lack ideas about how to do so. On the other hand, a good number of decision makers have ideas on how to transform but need help getting started.

The two sides of this paradigm too often speak different languages, have different priorities or don't communicate whatsoever. This has created a void between strategy and execution that has caused many digital transformation efforts to stall or fail completely.

WWT Global Ops helps deliver for some of the world's largest organizations by: 

  • Being a key presence in the overall process from the very beginning through to the very end.
  • Making sure the innovations developed by the wider WWT teams within our Advanced Technology Center are possible, scaleable and cost effective.
  • Understanding project requirements and mapping out the most efficient and strategic route to completion.
  • Keeping internal and external stakeholders focused, motivated and inspired.
  • Taking an agile approach, using marginal gains to build momentum and create an overall improved outcome.
  • Being immensely practical and hands on every day until a project is completed.

Case study: Building a 5G network

Laying the foundation for its emerging cloud-based 5G network, a telecommunications customer asked WWT to test, validate and deploy at scale more than 1,800 specially built servers. Collaborating with technology partner HPE, we answered the challenge, reducing time to value from three months to less than three weeks.

The scope of the project was daunting — more than 70 compute racks with over 20 servers and a half-dozen switches each, as well as nearly 20 storage racks. Altogether the servers for this deployment took four months to rack, cable, configure and burn-in.

WWT's Global Ops team delivered its finished solution for deployment in more than two dozen edge locations across the country and saved the client additional time by delivering the assembled server racks sufficiently configured that they could be plugged into the network upon arrival, ready to receive operating systems and application software downloads remotely.

From around the table, to around the world

Supply chain logistics is complex, but WWT's Global Ops makes it simple and scalable. In doing so, we help deliver the four key value propositions of a good supply chain

  • Accelerate time to market to boost competitive advantage, capture new business and delight customers with accelerated product delivery.
  • Increase predictability and visibility of large, multisite rollouts to gain real-time insights and flexibility to level load demand when plans change.
  • Scale and streamline shipments of pre-configured, multi-vendor solutions.
  • Optimize costs and transform the supply chain into a revenue generating part of the business.