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The economics of 5G will require service providers rapidly scale out networks while at the same time investing in infrastructure that can provide an immediate and long-term impact. 

Operators will have to rethink the way they build their networks from the core to the edge — all the way to end users. And therefore, there is no one-size-fits all approach to buying network equipment.

Telcos need a way to make 5G work in order to monetize that investment.

Building out 5G networks and developing services to ride on that network, according to a recent white paper published by Dell Technologies and WWT, is a massive exercise in strategic planning, capital allocation and execution. 

WWT and Dell recently opened a Service Provider Center of Excellence to create replicable solution blueprints that will accelerate the deployment of complex, multi-vendor, open source solutions for the telco industry. These validated solutions can then be integrated, staged and deployed at scale through WWT's global integration facilities, located strategically in St. Louis, Amsterdam, Singapore and Mumbai.

This white paper outlines the case study between Dell Technologies and WWT, which are jointly investing to accelerate service provider 5G rollout and service delivery.

Head Start: Using Validated Blueprints to Jumpstart 5G Deployment
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