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How you plan your AI initiative matters

Today's enterprises generate, collect and manage more data from more sources than ever before. To interpret this increasing volume of data, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly, becoming one of the most heavily financed areas of technological innovation. 

Successful organizations know how to leverage AI to generate valuable insights that accelerate innovation and drive industry growth. These insights help them identify patterns and trends for better performance, build use cases to prove value, and even recognize the most appropriate opportunities to ensure competitive advantage. 

The benefits of AI are undeniable. However, in a competitive market, simplified, proven AI initiatives will separate organizations from the pack. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2026, organizations that develop trustworthy, purpose-driven AI will see over 75% of AI innovations succeed, compared to 40% among those that don't. 

An unsuccessful AI initiative can be the result of complex and rigid legacy technology or the intricacies of a "do-it-yourself" approach, which leads to delays and downtimes. However, as business goals become more dependent on stronger insights, the AI initiatives they're derived from must become priority number one for the next generation of enterprise IT.

So, how do you choose the right AI initiative?

Here are 3 reasons why AIRI//S, a complete AI-ready infrastructure, fits your modern AI initiative: It's simple, scalable and sustainable.

Simple: Ease of use brings faster time to insights. 

In a competitive environment, shortening your time to answers gives you an edge on the market. "Do-it-yourself" approaches to AI initiatives can be a guessing game. You can waste precious time and money going through inexperienced resellers and integrators. 

For an easy-to-stand-up AI deployment, Pure and NVIDIA have partnered to deliver the AIRI//S—a powerful combination of Pure's FlashBlade//S along with NVIDIA'S DGX Systems and networking expertise for a complete AI-ready infrastructure solution. The proven reference architecture-based design gives you a way to jump-start your deep learning initiatives so your data scientists can remain productive and focus on meaningful development sooner.

Plus, turning to a third-party consultant can give you the guidance you need without uncertainty or wasted resources. WWT has dedicated teams of certified experts who partner with NVIDIA and Pure to provide an out-of-the-box solution that is ready to start delivering insights, so you won't need to hire staff to build it yourself.

As authorized NVIDIAand Pure Elite partners, WWT integrates proven solutions like the DGX and Pure FlashBlade//S into Pure Storage AIRI//S—a single solution that delivers high efficiency, capacity and performance. This simple architecture lets you build faster, gain better insights and become more cost-effective.

Scalable: Independently configure your performance and capacity needs.

Implementing a new AI infrastructure can raise concerns around power and storage because as business performance levels increase, so do storage needs. Maximizing your performance capabilities without impacting your capacity requirements is the sweet spot for future-proof AI initiatives. 

Scaling performance and storage independently helps you avoid the balancing act, and instead meet the demands of both. Breaking free from storage lock-in opens you up to a realm of possibilities. Using an AI-ready infrastructure that reduces the power that's needed at such high-performance levels becomes vital. 

You'll want a solution that can grow with you. A flexible solution like FlashBlade//S, the core of AIRI//S, allows you to scale up and out non-disruptively as you move throughout your AI journey. It will also prevent you from getting stuck with out-of-date storage, thanks to new compatibility with Evergreen//Forever.  

Staying current with your storage and avoiding lock-in gives you the freedom to adapt your performance and capacity plans as your needs change. With FlashBlade//S you won't have to decide where to place your resources and you eliminate traditional scale-out storage limitations. 

And most importantly, your AI initiative needs to be ready for what's next: 

SustainableFuture-ready infrastructure at reduced power with the same footprint. 

For today's enterprises, initiatives driven by sustainability are an absolute necessity. Climate concerns and changing global factors have accelerated the importance of a solid environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. 

With data centers storing more data than ever before—think 175 zettabytes by 2025, according to predictions from IDC—it's essential to reduce the carbon footprint of your business without minimizing digital transformation. 

An experienced consultant such as WWT, with a focused, end-to-end approach to ESG programs, can help you formulate a comprehensive, hands-on-response strategy that leverages technology to optimize your ESG ambitions. 

Because it may not be feasible to build AI infrastructure that will work perfectly 1-5 years down the line, it is possible to rely on a solution that is forever capable of sustainable impact. Not only will you be able to build long-term value for your stakeholders, but you'll also have the advantage of predicting the future, as close as you can get, without losing any business agility in the process. 

AIRI//S is built with the future in mind, meaning you can implement upgrades, adapt to changing conditions, and still deliver predictable results with no disruptions—all with lower emissions and reduced power consumption. In fact, the emissions savings from a single FlashBlade chassis is equivalent to 90,300 miles driven by the average passenger car. And that's only the beginning. The emissions savings are multiplied exponentially for the new FlashBlade//S. 

With the Evergreen architecture differences and a company-wide commitment from Pure Storage to a 3x reduction in direct carbon usage per petabyte by FY30, the new AIRI//S proves that AI-ready infrastructure in 2022 needs to be thinking sustainably about your data, your business and our planet. 

Speak with our WWT experts about enabling AIRI//S to simplify your AI deployment for more powerful data insights.