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Embark on a transformative journey with Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN learning paths and labs, meticulously designed to empower IT professionals in building, maintaining, and elevating their SD-WAN fabric. Whether you're a novice venturing into the world of Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN or a seasoned professional seeking to explore the latest features, our ATC Learning Paths and Labs are your gateway.

Learning Path to Mastery

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Learning Path: 

Dive deep into the fundamental principles and components of Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN. Uncover the intricacies of architecture, deployment, and management, gaining a comprehensive understanding that sets you apart.

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric Learning Path: 

Elevate your knowledge by exploring the complexities of Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN in a multi-region context. Learn to create and manage a fabric that spans multiple regions, optimizing network connectivity and performance across diverse geographical locations.

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN with SD Routing Learning Path: 

Harness the power of integration with Software-Defined Routing (SD-R). Gain insights into the synergy between Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN and legacy routing technologies, mastering the art of managing non-SD-WAN routers inside VManage.

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Integrations Learning Path: 

Unlock the potential of integration with Cloud providers and multiple SASE providers. This learning path explores the seamless collaboration between Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN and cutting-edge technologies, propelling you into the future.

Labs for Hands-On Innovation

Immerse yourself in our Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Sandbox Labs, specially crafted for users to explore the solution's capabilities and unleash their creativity in testing scenarios. These software-based Sandbox Labs feature a consistent network topology, providing a dynamic environment for experimentation.

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Sandbox 20.3.4

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Sandbo 20.6.5

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Sandbox 20.9.3

Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN Sandbox 20.12.1

Committed to continued learning

The ATC Solution Development Team is on a mission to create integrated solutions that inform and educate. As the  Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN  solution evolves with enhanced features and functionality, we are dedicated to producing cutting-edge educational content. Join us on the forefront of SD-WAN innovation as we guide you in architecting, implementing, and operating your SD-WAN fabric. Elevate your skills, stay ahead of the curve, and thrive in the dynamic world of Cisco Catalyst (Viptela) SD-WAN!