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Storage is a critical component of an organization and plays a major role in keeping businesses running. No matter what your organizational function is, you need fast access to data to make business decisions. But traditional storage data infrastructure is fundamentally complex. It lacks agility and flexibility, causes issues with availability and resource management, and is at odds with as-a-service consumption models. Many solutions are not innovative enough to support the advanced data activities required for business transformation. Evergreen//One™ from Pure Storage® provides an alternative.

Evergreen//One is a fully-flexible, enterprise-grade storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering that transforms your enterprise storage environment into a highly efficient storage subscription service. It supports block, file, and object storage services that you can deploy on-premises, in a colocation facility, and in the public cloud.

Everything in the Pure Storage portfolio can be delivered with guaranteed SLAs in an elastic, easy-to-scale subscription that delivers a cloud-like experience that is sustainable and ESG-ready. Evergreen//One brings this all together to uncomplicate your data storage needs, forever.


The Evergreen//One storage subscription service is enabled by industry-leading, field-proven FlashArray™, FlashBlade®, and Pure Cloud Block Store™ technology, along with the corresponding validated design integrations FlashStack® and AIRI® (AI-ready infrastructure). This guaranteed SLA-driven storage service improves how data is stored, mobilized, and protected. Pure Storage utilizes our Evergreen™ extensible architecture to ensure all SLAs and commitments are continuously met. Performance, capacity, availability, no planned downtime for servicing, and an energy efficiency SLA to reduce energy consumption are all guaranteed.

How it works

Evergreen//One offers a reserve commit which is used throughout the life of the contract at a discounted rate. If you exceed your reserve commit, you move into on-demand usage at the standard rate. On-demand usage eliminates the risk of either purchasing too much (over-provisioning) or too little (under-provisioning, re-buys, or staggered leases) storage. It also accounts for the unpredictable nature of multi-year sizing, seasonal workloads, and spikes. As your organization's storage needs increase, Pure will proactively scale up your business's infrastructure and capacity.

Pure Storage monitors the usage with the Pure1® AIOps cloud-based storage management platform. Pure1 automatically adds capacity when you exceed 80% of your allocation. Evergreen//One also maintains a 25% buffer over the effective used capacity or reserve commitment, up to 1PiB in increments of 100TiB. This ensures that there is always elastic and available capacity, so you never outgrow your storage. This headroom is maintained at no cost to you.

On-ramp to hybrid cloud

Most organizations today have a cloud and/or digital transformation initiative. Evergreen//One provides a first step to cloud enablement, as well as a viable alternative to public cloud for mission- and business-critical apps. Evergreen//One delivers a consistent hybrid-cloud experience, leveraging a single unified subscription across your on-premises data center, colocation/hosted facilities, and public cloud via Pure Cloud Block Store. Pure Cloud Block Store is software producing a fully functional virtualized FlashArray SAN that runs on public cloud resources.

When you subscribe to the on-premises block service, you receive a key for Pure Cloud Block Store, which provides data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments, so you can start your cloud journey in any location and move all or a portion of your data seamlessly. Once Pure Cloud Block Store and your public cloud instances are set up, you can manage your fleet with one set of storage management tools which includes the Pure1 management tool, orchestration, AI-based predictive support, and VM analytics.

Start with Evergreen//One on-premises, add collocated/hosted Evergreen//One, and/or Evergreen//One with Pure Cloud Block Store in the public cloud. You can then add the Pure Storage's ActiveCluster™ solution within the Purity operating environment™ and/or asynchronous mirroring between locations, as well as attach your co-located Evergreen//One storage services to your compute in the public cloud, enabling a multicloud option.

Service level agreements

Evergreen//One is backed by guaranteed SLAs. Pure Storage is committed to obligations around:

  • No scheduled downtime
  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Efficiency

The service monitors the environment and is held to a promised outcome for the storage service tier to which you've subscribed. If we don't meet the performance or capacity obligations, we proactively ship more storage arrays and set them up at no cost to you.

When you subscribe to a given storage capacity, Pure installs and continuously maintains an additional 25% capacity at your site for on-demand usage, so it's always available. We also offer a zero planned downtime commit and a 99.9999% uptime commit for FlashArray as we don't require a "planned maintenance" window.

To reduce energy consumption, Evergreen//One also includes a first-of-its-kind energy efficiency SLA to deliver a guaranteed and unique measurement of maximum number of actual watts per TiB.

Continuous innovation

Evergreen//One is built on the extensible Evergreen architecture, which delivers seamless hardware and software upgrades and built-in compatibility with future technologies. As your company grows, you can scale storage as needed—without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, or forklift upgrades.

Included with your Evergreen//One subscription, Pure1 is an AI-driven data-services platform for storage management. With Pure1 Meta, an artificial intelligence engine, you can see into your future and accurately forecast your application and infrastructure needs, with continuous monitoring and proactive resolution of issues. Pure1 is the single place for you to subscribe, monitor, and extend your Evergreen//One subscriptions. Pure1 capabilities include:

  • Predictive intelligence: Model new applications, existing workloads, and hardware upgrades.
  • Full-stack analytics: Gain an end-to-end view of the capacity and performance of your entire infrastructure stack up to each virtual machine, reducing mean time to problem resolution.
  • Global end-to-end visibility: Get an AIOps platform that gives you the ability to monitor, analyze, and optimize your storage infrastructure effortlessly on any device, with a clear map of your entire infrastructure from a single dashboard.
  • Sustainability assessment: Gain transparency in how your Pure all-flash appliances are operating to help reduce your energy consumption and costs.

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