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Roger White is a Practice Lead and Cloud Architect on WWT’s cloud team. He was recently chosen as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network (APN) Ambassador — one of a select few in the world. 

We sat down with Roger to gain further insight on what an AWS APN Ambassador does as well as how his new role might impact customer engagements.

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Q&A with Roger

What does an AWS APN Ambassador do?

APN Ambassadors are technical experts who are passionate about cloud adoption and possess in-depth AWS knowledge. This community shares their AWS experiences in the form of blog posts, white papers and speaking engagements to publicly evangelize the benefits of cloud.

How did you become involved?

There are three AWS APN Ambassadors on the WWT cloud team. They recognized that I enjoyed presenting on AWS, writing about AWS and developing labs, so they thought I'd be an excellent addition to the APN Ambassador Program. I considered it an honor and a great opportunity to showcase my abilities, meet other AWS enthusiasts and share my passion for AWS cloud services.

How will being an AWS APN Ambassador help you when engaging on customer projects?

I now have access to a number of invaluable resources, including to the APN Ambassador community, to NDA services debriefs, to the AWS strategic offerings pipeline, and to other ambassadors' shared experiences. These resources have already given me fresh insights into technical and business approaches that will go a long way in terms of how I assist customers with future designs, migrations and even development in the cloud.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be an AWS APN Ambassador?

At WWT, I’ve been fortunate to deliver cloud projects and share my enthusiasm for AWS cloud services. In my current role as Practice Lead, specializing in cloud security and networking, I get to interact with existing Fortune 100 customers, potential customers and our account teams on their varied AWS needs. This breadth of experience has broadened my outlook on the future of cloud. I look forward to creating and sharing content based on these experiences.

For more about Roger, check out his profile on the Platform.