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More data is generated today than ever before. The sum of the world's data will grow from 33 zettabytes this year to 175 zettabytes by 2025, for a compounded annual growth rate of 61%—9% more than the projected growth from last year.  

Stored data, in particular, is growing exponentially; it continues to increase nearly 5x faster than the world economy. Yet, most backup environments rely on legacy technology—46% of organizations have backup and recovery infrastructure designed on or before 2010. This compromises their ability to meet today's most demanding data recovery requirements. 

As data grows, so does risk. Without an agile data security system, businesses will continue to fall victim to an equally exponential threat: ransomware attacks. Ransomware damages are set to exceed $30 billion in 2023.  

To securely operate at scale, businesses need a modern data protection architecture that enables seamless agility, recovers more data faster and offers a modern backup and recovery system that dramatically reduces downtimes. 

Combining all-flash storage infrastructure with operational cyber resiliency, you can heighten your infrastructure solution to match your data and security needs.  

Pure Storage and Cohesity deliver an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution: Pure Storage FlashRecover//S™, Powered by CohesityⓇ. Jointly engineered by two industry leaders, FlashRecover//S brings security, simplicity, performance and scale to your data protection.  

All-flash, no breaks 

All-flash storage infrastructures have a history of offering businesses greater performance, efficiencies, and critical outcomes. By integrating Cohesity's DataProtect software with Pure Storage's new FlashBlade//S all-flash storage, FlashRecover//S follows that same mindset, only this time for data backup and recovery.  

By pairing cyber resiliency with high-performance storage architecture, FlashRecover becomes a game changer for clients looking to drive critical outcomes and meet modern-day performance and efficiency requirements while maintaining business continuity in the event of an attack. 

FlashRecover//S offers up to 3x faster backup and restore throughput than disk-based alternatives. With the ability to recover thousands of virtual machines daily, FlashRecover//S ensures you can recover your entire data center and get up and operational as soon as possible—and at scale. Plus, when disaster strikes, you can tap into up to a petabyte (1PB) or more of restore a day to meet more significant recovery needs. 

FlashRecover//S employs a Zero Trust Architecture

With today's cyber threats maturing rapidly, any backup and recovery solution for the modern business must have ransomware protection built in.  

FlashRecover//S utilizes security-driven software and zero-trust principles to protect your storage and data on-premises. By focusing on validating the authenticity and authorization of users, FlashRecover//S takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

Its Zero Trust Architecture includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Granular Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) to limit access to your environment and prevent cyber attacks before they start. 

MFA improves platform security by requiring users to identify with more than a username and password. RBAC allows organizations to grant users the least privileges required to perform their job functions, reducing risk and restricting access to areas beyond their responsibilities. 

Quorum is another benefit of fully integrating Cohesity's platform into the FlashRecover//S solution. With Quorum, no single individual can execute sensitive operations. Two (or more) individuals must provide authorization to make any critical changes, as well as root-level access requiring Cohesity's support staff to provide. 

This prevents unauthorized changes to the platform by admin accounts, a critical control to safeguard against unintended error, malicious users and compromised accounts. 

FlashRecover//S operationalizes your data protection environment

Because your environment constantly changes, you need data-driven ways to anticipate potential cyber-attacks and investigate breaches.  

Now, you can access faster, more flexible methods of safeguarding against cyber threats, detecting security risks before disaster strikes and responding in the event of an attack or outage—all with one solution.  

FlashRecover//S provides data immutability without the need for extra software or hardware. By integrating SafeMode™ Snapshots by Pure Storage and DataLock by Cohesity into FlashRecover//S, this solution delivers complete immutability for your backups.  

SafeMode and DataLock ensure you always have a clean backup that houses a full copy of your data. Your Safemode Snapshots will include multiple recovery points, enabling quicker and easier recovery after an outage. Additionally, DataLock "locks" down your backup images, preventing them from being altered, corrupted or deleted by anyone—including administrators—until the DataLock expires.  

These complementing functions ensure your critical recovery data will maintain it's integrity and survive through credentialed attacks. 

FlashRecover//S doesn't just enable recovery after ransomware attacks; it can help you prevent them.  

Utilizing Cohesity's anomaly detection, FlashRecover//S thoroughly analyzes all data from your backups using advanced AI and ML to swiftly detect any suspicious activity that may signify a ransomware attack on your environment. With its advanced technology, FlashRecover//S helps you promptly identify any abnormal activity or data alterations before they can escalate. 

Cohesity's DataProtect integration with FlashRecover//S delivers an efficient and seamless solution for comprehensive data protection. 

As your business continues to innovate, you'll need to eliminate difficult-to-manage legacy backup and recovery solutions derived from complex hardware and software solutions. FlashRecover//S integrates lightning-fast hardware and groundbreaking software in a tightly integrated solution. 

Cohesity's DataProtect software leverages the FlashRecover//S platform, allowing you to restore quickly and recover at scale. It also has auto-discovery and configuration of FlashBlade//S, featuring non-disruptive upgrades and native cloud integration for flash-to-flash-to-cloud backup, recovery and archive.  

Because FlashRecover//S is managed through a single pane of glass, it is much easier to deploy and use, especially for increasingly complex IT environments. Its streamlined functionality and seamless user experience frees up your team to focus on business decisions, not tedious system management, delivering the modern experience for your backup and recovery systems.  

FlashRecover//S leverages true scale-out architecture

Today's on-demand business structure means every second counts, and the future is hard to predict. Legacy disk-based solutions can't give you the results you need to keep up. You require a solution that's not only easy to use and to deploy but also highly efficient and easy to scale up or out when needed.  

FlashRecover//S allows you to meet your mission-critical scalability requirements. You can scale compute and storage independently across varied workload profiles without requiring complicated services. 

FlashRecover//S sustainable architecture allows you to future-proof your data backup and recovery alongside your storage infrastructure. With a dense, all-flash storage platform like FlashBlade//S, you can be more energy efficient, save data center space and cut power and cooling costs.  

FlashRecover//S integrates with your existing toolsets and security requirements

Your security teams want to use their own tool sets to interrogate their system to test and validate your backups. FlashRecover//S allows for immediate interrogation of your own systems, done entirely in a cyber vault or clean room, with a separate copy of that data. 

After an attack, data insights help your teams quickly identify a safe point in time for restoration. This allows security teams to search across multiple systems and determine the cause, remedy potential security risks, and avoid future attacks. 

The ATC supports the latest in Pure and Cohesity solutions.

As a long-time partner of both industry leaders, WWT experts work alongside Pure and Cohesity to develop a strategy that can overcome legacy thinking through a holistic, customer-centric approach.  

Experienced WWT security teams can help you achieve cyber resiliency by aligning the capabilities of Cohesity and Pure's FlashRecover//S solution with an overall strategy for your environment. We'll help you outline an actionable roadmap to optimize your IT ecosystem to meet your backup and recovery needs faster, easier, and holistically.  

We base our recommendations on decades of industry knowledge, solid partner relationships, and proven best practices that integrate FlashRecover//S for efficient data storage and protection. We prompt you to realize a future with successful innovations and outcomes.   

For more information on how to modernize your data backups and recovery with FlashRecover//S, connect with our experts. 

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