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Sophisticated ransomware attacks require a holistic approach to mitigate the impact of a breach. Veritas 360 Defense unites the traditionally separate disciplines of data protection, data security, and data governance to ensure your data is safe, recovered rapidly, and in compliance. 

Given the continually evolving threat landscape, disparate teams need to collaborate to combat attacks aimed at mass disruption. Functional silos use different tools—often connected with custom code—to detect and mitigate attacks, slowing recovery. Such do-it-yourself approaches can introduce vulnerabilities for threat actors to exploit. 

Veritas 360 Defense brings together core capabilities from the Veritas portfolio with pre-integrated solutions from our ecosystem of cybersecurity partners to: 

  • Harden your security posture.
  • Reduce the impact of single- and double-extortion ransomware attacks.
  • Ensure recovery with the speed and confidence necessary to boost resilience.
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Eight capabilities that differentiate Veritas 360 Defense: 

Heterogeneous Asset Inventory. Full visibility ensures the right level of protection across all your data for confident and accurate recovery. Leverage reporting on IT systems, including servers, storage, networking, hypervisors, cloud infrastructure, hybrid-cloud, and traditional infrastructure. Veritas provides in-depth reporting on backups, even across other vendors. You can also produce charge-back reporting, SLA reporting, and workflows for alerting and ticketing. 

Holistic Data Posture Management. Control and classification of unstructured data protects against data theft. Monitoring metadata and activity prevents insider threats by detecting and analyzing user behavior, access issues, and anomalous and malicious behavior. Veritas is unique in its breadth of data coverage, extensive classification, and ability to correlate across content sources, including voice and images. 

With Veritas, you know what kind of data you have and where it is stored. In the event of an attack, you can be confident knowing whether an attacker accessed sensitive data. We notify the right stakeholders quickly and provide clarity on access issues, potential insider risks, and the material nature of the incident. 


Multi-Tiered Data Classification. Veritas uses pre-built policies for data privacy and vertical-specific policies to classify content. Classification extends beyond REGEX and keywords to include template matching, document similarity, and sentiment analysis. Quick and targeted scans ensure you can understand large data estates quickly. This reduces the time it takes to assess broad data sources and dig deeper into the riskiest sets. 

Behavioral Anomaly Detection. Profile users based on social interactions and roles, identifying questionable relationships and actions—including those by fully credentialed IT administrators. You can leverage user risk scores to assess potential threats, prioritize high-risk data, and prevent theft and destruction of data. Early indicators provide context and enrich exfiltration alerts, so you can investigate before damage has been done. 

End-User Sentiment Analysis. Capture and classify data from more than 120 content sources to detect violations of company policy and industry regulations. Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing to identify and extract subjective information from source materials. Identify attitude, sentiment, or emotion based on transcribed audio or written content to gain insight into insider risks and flag content for manual review for regulated data. 

Multi-Layered Immutability. Veritas provides end-to-end data immutability on the broadest set of storage platforms. This multi-layered approach is fully present in the backup catalog, storage APIs, and security around access control from a network, user, and system perspective. Our solutions support immutability in the cloud for both cloud and on-premises backups. This allows an air-gapped copy administered by a third party, with strong access controls. Meet industry regulations and capture corporate records by journaling communications to immutable storage.  
Veritas appliances feature a secure storage-compliance clock and controls to prevent unauthorized data access, even by fully privileged administrators. Cohasset Associates has assessed Veritas appliances for compliance with SEC, FINRA, and CFTC regulations. 

Pull-Based Recovery Environments. Pull-based replication prevents attackers from pushing data into an isolated recovery environment. It creates a virtual air gap with ingress allowed only for authorized data requested from within the isolated environment. Implementation doesn't require third-party tools or expensive consultants. 

Extensible Orchestrated Recovery. Orchestrated recovery for complex applications supports dependency mapping and custom actions with a single click. Take advantage of non-disruptive rehearsals of your production environment and recovery from backups and replicated systems. Benefit from quick recovery in the event of a cyber incident. 

Implement Veritas 360 Defense, today. 

The combination of data protection, data security, and data governance solutions with our ecosystem of cybersecurity partners provides the unified 360-degree view you need to ensure data is safe, recovery is rapid, and compliance requirements are addressed. 


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