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The race to reach the self-healing, AIOps nirvana has long been a journey that requires complex decisions about the right platforms, tools, workflows, integrations, and security priorities. Making these decisions can create a challenging IT Operations environment for any organization. WWT, a long-time builder of leading edge AIOps architectures, understands this all too well: enter our largest global partner Cisco and their state-of-the-art Full-Stack Observability ecosystem.

What is Full-Stack Observability (FSO)?

Full-Stack Observability (FSO) is a complex technological tapestry of interoperability—bringing comprehensive metrics, events, and correlated real-time data together harmoniously. By creating a superhighway, interconnected enterprise data, Cisco is able to provide highly advanced, mission critical visibility into core aspects of the enterprise data center. 

This data includes security, network, application, cloud, and performance monitoring data—essential elements of a smart AIOps initiative. 

By creating a comprehensive platform for observability across the entire data center, our customers can now understand—rapidly—how actions, whether nefarious or purposed—are truly affecting their key business objectives. This innovative platform, paired with world class objective-based architecture expertise, enables our customers to get to solutions, faster.

How does Cisco's FSO accelerate enterprise AIOps? 

Frequently, AIOps and FSO are used interchangeably. To fully understand the impact that Cisco's FSO platform brings to enterprise AIOps, I'll use a metaphor to illustrate. For the right amount of money, a superior Formula 1 race car can be built and purchased. That car is fully capable of winning the Monaco Grand Prix, handily, and with style—however, without the right race team and strategy, that car isn't going to succeed in reaching the team's goals. We need a winning strategy, experience in the field, and a harmonized approach between superior technology and business objectives. 

In our example, that superior car is Cisco's FSO, while AIOps is the team, goals, strategy, and experience to set it in motion. WWT and Cisco capitalize on years of partnership know-how to work together to enable full, enterprise scale AIOps for our customers by utilizing Cisco's advanced FSO ecosystem. 

FSO: Focusing on use cases vs. tools and technology

The key to any successful AIOps initiative is to truly understand the "how" and the "why" of our customers' AIOps intent. To solve this equation, Cisco has refactored the core tool set of FSO to focus, not on the features or capabilities of the platform—but the real intent of how our mutual customers put that technology to work. Cisco's FSO focuses on business context, not simply the features of the tools—further simplifying rapid deployment, adoption and getting to results, faster. 

So what are some of the core uses cases our customers can expect to achieve in their AIOps environment by utilizing Cisco's FSO platform? To get started, here's a basic understanding of how Cisco is approaching each core area of business.

Cisco Full Stack Observability Use-Case Alignment

What's the end result?

By utilizing Cisco's FSO platform to rapidly accelerate observability, action, and insight, WWT can help our customers achieve true AIOps success quicker than ever before. We work together to enable full, enterprise-scale AIOps for our customers by understanding the key business objectives, designing smart, safe, and secure AIOps architectures, and using Cisco's advanced FSO ecosystem as a catalyst to rapid success. 

After all, with technology as a means to an objective, true success for our customers relies upon the right people, processes and technology.

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