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What is Equinix Fabric™?  

Equinix Fabric™, formerly known as Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric)™, is a global connectivity platform that enables fast, secure connections to cloud and network service providers. It also allows rapid links to other Equinix customers, partners and vendors.  The Fabric is a software-defined interconnection platform that enables you to rapidly build the connections required to address your business needs.

The Fabric is a globally connected network that enables private infrastructures to connect to the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions via the same link.  

What are the benefits of Equinix Fabric?

Business leaders increasingly demand the speed and quality of service they are accustomed to as consumers to be replicated in corporate environments. As a result, organizations are under increased pressure to digitally transform if they want to grow and survive in highly competitive marketplaces.

Digital transformation often begins with thinking about where to store business-critical data and how to enable connections to it. This makes interconnected architecture a key priority, as it allows you to connect your applications, data, devices, strategic business partners, and distributed cloud environments in the most effective and secure manner.

Equinix Fabric enables you to simplify the often complex and problematic task of connecting your data networks and supply chain ecosystems of global customers, devices, partners and users. It provides a full complement of infrastructure connections, such as data center, edge, interconnection, and physical and virtual services, ensuring you provide all the right places and possibilities required to deliver digital advantages.  

The Equinix platform is designed to be a complete platform that supports a wide range of networking services and topologies. This includes the internet and connected solutions, such as colocation, edge services, SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, network infrastructure and security services. It also supports popular software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) solutions.

How does Equinix Fabric improve connectivity?

Equinix Fabric solves various connectivity challenges. The primary solution it offers is its ability to power your digital infrastructure, which helps you to transform in the digital economy. It provides private, low-latency connections to business-critical apps, services and partners, as well as telecommunications carriers and providers.

Equinix Fabric provides various solutions, including a broad selection of internet and wide-area networking providers, and in close proximity to cloud and SaaS options. It also enables access to an ecosystem of business partners that operate on the platform, including organizations across the financial, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries.

Equinix Fabric provides a wide range of potential use cases, depending on your specific requirements. This includes connecting branches to cloud-based SD-WANs, connecting various cloud providers and systems, and ensuring rapid access to digital ecosystems.  

Popular use cases for the platform include:

  • Scaling support for remote workforces: With remote workforces looking likely to stay for good, it's increasingly critical to deploy seamless bandwidth across thousands of cloud-based applications, IT service providers and networks. Equinix Fabric enables you to connect popular collaboration and unified communication services, seamlessly scale bandwidth up and down, and create new connections as demand requires.
  • Increasing business productivity: Equinix Fabric enables you to deploy hybrid and multicloud connectivity that improves business agility, innovation and productivity. This allows you to choose the right cloud for specific workloads, gain cost-effective cloud services from multiple providers and establish private cloud connections to ensure reliable networking. This approach speeds up innovation while providing rapid, secure physical and virtual connections to customers and partners worldwide.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery: Equinix Fabric enables you to deploy cloud infrastructure in various locations. As a result, you enhance uptime levels with cloud and IT service providers and integrate your infrastructure in different regions to boost data backup, replication and recovery.
  • Simplified global expansion: The distributed nature of Equinix Fabric means it's easier to support collaboration and enhance performance between multiple office locations. It also makes it easier to expand into regions where your organization doesn't have an existing physical presence. Using distributed edge IT, you can deploy apps closer to users' locations to improve their experience and enable connections to more business partners and providers.

How WWT helps  

Connectivity is evolving rapidly as your business needs and expectations shift. The vendor landscape is expanding, which can make it challenging to know which products, services and strategies are suitable for your organization.  

WWT provides the resources to help your organization navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. We provide expert briefings, consultation services, strategy sessions and workshops that help you develop architectures that address your specific business challenges. And our Advanced Technology Center, supply chain and integration services remove the risks and gain maximum value from your investment in Equinix Fabric formerly known as Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric)™.

Discover how the Equinix and WWT partnership can help you reap the benefits of powerful network connectivity.

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