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Here are the top ten reasons to choose Evergreen//One from Pure Storage.

Cloud economics

Consumption-based storage-as-a-service

  • Pay for actual consumption with minimum commitment
  • Get the storage capacity you need today, and invest the savings into more strategic initiatives
  • Eliminate under-utilization and overpayment
  • Enable clarity and simplicity in pricing

Cost-optimization and cash preservation

  • Low upfront cost and less forecasting risk
  • Shift to a consumption-based model to preserve cash and meet new accounting standards
  • Get the flexibility to support spikes and seasonal workloads

No balance sheet impact

  • The only true storage service for private and hybrid clouds that's designed for balance sheet impact
  • Based solely on service-level agreements, enabling OpEx treatment regardless of term length
  • Assets owned by Pure Storage

Pay only for the data you use

  • Only pay for effective used capacity (measured daily), not provisioned capacity
  • Clear per unit pricing
  • Align usage with budgets and costs with applications

Cloud operations

Simple installation, management and operations

  • Uncomplicate data storage, forever. Arrange your power and network, and let Pure take care of the rest.
  • Metering and monitoring provide a clear view of usage with proactive alerts, notifications, and rate of change tracking to keep the Evergreen//One environment healthy
  • One subscription and one bill to support everything from containers to converged infrastructure to VDI

Tier 1 Enterprise Performance

  • Benefit from Pure all-flash high-performance block, file, object, VVOL, and data protection services
  • Get snapshots, replication, mirroring, metropolitan fail-over, encryption, and more
  • Access comprehensive REST APIs
  • Get resiliency with proven 99.9999% availability from FlashArray and always-on QoS

Evergreen architecture delivers SLA-driven outcomes

  • Non-disruptive and ongoing upgradesand expansions eliminate traditional refreshes and keep your environment SLA compliant
  • Harness rapid innovation in array software, hardware, and media without forklift upgrades

Cloud experience

Your storage cloud your way

  • Enable private and hybrid clouds, as a service
  • Leverage Evergreen//One as an on-ramp to your public cloud strategy
  • Combine primary storage (via Evergreen//One) with elastic compute from public cloud
  • Access an effortless, efficient, and Evergreen Pure Storage experience
  • Use on-premises, in a co-location facility, or within public cloud for complete hybrid flexibility
  • Experience white-glove premium support that garners a Satmetrix-validated NPS score in the top 1% of B2B companies

Flexible and low risk

  • Access to multiple flexible consumption-based storage plans
  • Stay informed with recommendation-driven AIOps and FinOps
  • Get terms as low as 12 months

Unified hybrid cloud

  • Leverage a unified subscription, technology and cloud benefit across on-premises, public cloud and co-location facility deployments
  • Start your cloud journey in any location and move all, or a portion, of your data seamlessly
  • Align application workloads with optimal cloud deployment
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