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We are in a new era of digital transformation where companies change how they operate, the experiences they deliver, and even shift the culture within their business. Multicloud and modernized applications are accelerating today's digital transformation. These technologies empower companies to: 

  • Create and deploy new services across a choice of hybrid, public, private, local and edge clouds
  • Build enterprise sovereignty and control their transformation journey
  • Establish seamless operations across digital and physical environment

IT departments globally are becoming 'cloud-smart,' meaning that they use a multicloud approach to support different capabilities across the enterprise. For example, a company may use a public cloud provider for disaster recovery and a private cloud for data management. Applications sit at the center of this multicloud world where IT departments manage diverse set of workloads. Applications now span from the traditional to cloud-native, with an increasing need to modernize core enterprise apps across multicloud, within the network, extending out to the edge.

VMware® Cloud Universal™ is a flexible purchasing and consumption program for executing your multicloud or digital transformation strategy. Your business can choose desired purchasing and consumption plans, based on desired digital transformational initiatives. VMware Cloud Universal offers a comprehensive portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) capabilities in a subscription-based model. The program brings solution choice and consumption flexibility across hybrid, private, local, and public environments. VMware Cloud Universal options span a portfolio of hybrid cloud infrastructures, cloud management, application modernization, disaster recovery, and premier customer success initiatives. In addition, eligible solutions for the VMware Cloud Universal program continue to expand.

What is VMware Cloud Universal? 

  • A flexible purchasing and consumption program for executing your multicloud or digital transformation strategy.
  • Your business can select from a portfolio across multicloud infrastructure, cloud management, modernizing applications, and premier customer success initiatives.
  • Your business may qualify for the VMware Cloud Acceleration Benefit™ to accelerate strategic investments.VMware Cloud Universal overview
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With VMware Cloud Universal, customers invest in VMware Subscription Purchasing Program™ (SPP) credits that can be redeemed for consumption of VMware Cloud Universal program solutions or services during the applicable subscription period. VMware Cloud Universal includes the following features: 

  • A unified set of enterprise-class VMware compute, storage, networking, management, disaster recovery, success planning, and modernized application capabilities
  • The freedom of choice and flexibility to operate workloads across hybrid, private, local, public, and edge cloud environments
  • Centralized access across your active VMware Cloud Universal entitlements through the VMware Cloud Console™
  • The inclusion of VMware Success 360™, a premier customer success process designed to ensure that your business reaches desired performance benchmarks across the IT transformation lifecycle.

Cloud Universal benefits 

VMware Cloud Universal offers comprehensive business solutions across cloud infrastructure and multicloud services to help achieve desired digital or multicloud objectives. VMware Cloud Universal benefits include

Why VMware Cloud Universal? 

  • Choice: Achieve your digital transformation objectives through a portfolio of subscription-based SaaS solutions spanning public, private, local, edge cloud infrastructure and service options.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy purchase and consumption flexibility by applying for VMware Cloud Universal SPP credits across the portfolio.
  • Agility: Save time by unifying compute, network, storage, management and security operations across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments.
  • Efficiency: Save money by shifting your IT investments from CapEx to OpEx and subscription-based consumption models.
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VMware Cloud Universal use cases 

As VMware Cloud Universal is designed for purchase and consumption flexibility, businesses often leverage VMware Cloud Universal across several use case scenarios. The table shown offers an illustrative overview of common VMware Cloud Universal use cases and targeted offerings (as of March 2022) from the VMware Cloud Universal program.

VMware Cloud Universal options (March 2022) 

Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Private Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation- Subscription
  • Local Cloud with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
  • Public Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS and Google Cloud VMware Engine
Multicloud Services 
  • Flexible cloud management with VMware vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise Plus
  • Application modernization with VMware Tanzu Standard ™
  • Disaster recovery with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery™ and VMware Site Recovery Manager™
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
Multicloud Lifecycle Planning 
  • Customer success programs with VMware Success 360™

Let's get started 

VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible purchasing and consumption program that offers comprehensive solutions for executing your strategic digital or multicloud transformation objectives. New solutions and services are frequently added to the VMware Cloud Universal program. 

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