On-demand Webinar: Ansible Tower and Cisco DNA Center as a Platform

Exploring the Ansible use case in WWT’s lab deployment of Cisco DNA Center for SD-Access.

August 27, 2018 1 minute read

Many organizations have a growing interest in how best to automate their environments with the common goals of increasing efficiency, reducing issues inflicted by human-error and eliminating the mundane, repetitive tasks that can consume resources are key drivers for automation.

The Mobility and Access Development team at WWT has those same drivers.

Working in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we manage an ecosystem of innovative solutions architected to educate, demonstrate and validate the integration of complex technologies. The environments created are consumed in a continuous cycle that is ripe for automation.

This webinar explores the automation strategy employed by the Mobility and Access Development team as it relates to the Cisco DNA Center SD-Access labs in our ATC.

A demonstration of the new Cisco DNA Center and Ansible Tower modules in action will highlight both the power of Ansible and how DNA Center as a platform will provide a gateway to managing the Cisco campus infrastructure. The automation strategy has allowed these environments to be deployed repeatedly, without engineering intervention or pesky "fat-fingered" errors.

Click here to view the presentation slides.

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