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Data is at the heart of every digital transformation. However, having access to data isn't enough. Organizations need the capabilities to connect their data science teams to all the datasets and make the experience as streamlined as possible. Moreover, they must ensure security and governance while keeping datasets in sync whether they're on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud.  

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently launched the Ezmeral platform to help enterprises modernize data analytics and create a digital advantage in the age of insight. Learn how it can benefit your business and how it works.  

What is HPE Ezmeral?  

Ezmeral is a  Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform that allows users to run cloud-native or non-cloud-native applications in containers without refactoring them. It offers a high-performance distributed file system for persistent data and stateful applications.  

The cloud-native analytics and data lakehouse platform optimizes data-intensive workloads. It helps enterprises unify, modernize and analyze all their data, from edge to cloud, no matter where it's stored.  

The benefits of HPE Ezmeral  

This cutting-edge container orchestration platform offers the scale and elasticity required for high-performance analytics to accelerate data-first modernization.  

HPE Ezmeral delivers a consistent experience across teams by providing a single platform that supports a wide range of analytical and machine learning (ML) tools. The cloud-native experience and built-in automation connect users and their tools to data, compute engines and storage for greater agility.  

Meanwhile, the hybrid analytics and ML solution enables enterprises to scale up their data lakehouses. You also have more freedom and flexibility since the open-source tools and frameworks won't lock you into a proprietary stack.  

Last but not least, HPE Ezmeral provides enterprise-grade security and authentication tools to help reduce risk. You can ensure control for governance and compliance while reducing costs associated with maintaining data security and integrity.  

How does HPE Ezmeral work?  

HPE Ezmeral consists of five key components, allowing customers to deploy and manage containerized applications across any infrastructure:  

1. HPE Runtime Enterprise  

You can use this container orchestration platform for cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications that run on any infrastructure. It offers enterprise-grade security and on-demand provisioning.  

With HPE Runtime Enterprise, you can deploy Kubernetes at scale on bare metal and virtual machines, in any cloud or at the edge. You can manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with a unified control plane and accelerate large-scale deployments with containers.  

2. HPE Ezmeral data fabric  

This scalable data platform supports data ops by integrating files, objects, streams and databases across data sources through edge-to-cloud global synchronization. You can create a single data repository to modernize data infrastructure and break down silos.  

The persistent data store performance is optimized for data-intensive analytic workloads. HPE Ezmeral data fabric can analyze data in-place then organize and label it for deep learning. It enables enterprises to leverage AI and analytics for faster time-to-insights.  

3. HPE Ezmeral ML Ops  

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops delivers DevOps-like speed and agility wrapped in a cloud-like experience to operationalize the ML lifecycle and accelerate workloads. It allows users to build end-to-end data science workflows to speed up data model timelines and shorten time to market.  

This all-in-one platform addresses everything from data prep and model building to training, deployment, and monitoring. You can start any AI and ML project quickly and easily, then seamlessly scale them to production deployments.  

4. HPE unified analytics  

This unified and scalable analytics and data lakehouse platform can support on-premises, edge and cloud deployments. Delta Lake integration delivers reliable and consistent data for analytics while enabling external BI apps to run analytic jobs.  

5. HPE Ezmeral marketplace  

This centralized one-stop-shop gives you access to independent software vendor (ISV) applications to tap into the power of the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem. You can access integrated solutions offered by HPE's ISV partners to achieve faster time to value.  

These applications cover various aspects, including database, AI/ML, analytics, big data, data protection, developer tools, monitoring, security, storage and more.  

Ready to implement HPE Ezmeral?  

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