Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

The AI Proving Ground GPU-as-a-Service environment is a fully automated solution that enables WWT engineers to build physical server environments with different server, CPU, GPU, and Operating System options.  Dedicated specialized builds happen within minutes without the need to physically touch the servers thanks to our Liqid Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure solution and RackN Digital Rebar Platform. Customers can choose the following options for their specialized, dedicated server.

  • Server Partners
    • Dell
    • HPE
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
    • Intel
    • AMD
  • GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)
    • NVIDIA – A100, A30, L40
    • Intel - Flex 140, Flex 170, Max 1100
    • AMD - MI210
  • Operating Systems
    • RHEL 8, RHEL 9, and Ubuntu 22.04

Customers can quickly leverage a server or servers with different configurations without needing to fully build and integrate different accelerators into the servers by hand just to evaluate different AI Models from a training or inferencing standpoint.

Lab diagram

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