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With sharp increases in IT demand, resources are stretched. Organizations need an integrated solution to orchestrate application deployments and increase operational cost-efficiency. Nutanix Calm is designed to automate the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments to make IT infrastructure more agile and application-centric. 

What is Nutanix Calm?

Nutanix Calm offers a multicloud application management framework to automate and deploy applications across existing data center infrastructure. It allows users to define applications using simple blueprints and control all aspects of the lifecycle, from provisioning and scaling to cleanup. Once a blueprint is created, it can be published to end-users through the Nutanix Marketplace, transforming a complex provisioning process into a simple one-click request.

Key features offered by Nutanix Calm include:

  • Self-service provisioning and governance: One-click self-service with centralized role-based IT governance through the Nutanix Marketplace.
  • Application lifecycle management: End-to-end automation of application provisioning, configuration, scaling, management and deletion across cloud environments.
  • Multicloud orchestration: Automated provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures and centralized management of multi-tiered or distributed applications across different cloud environments.
  • Consumption monitoring and forecasting: Consolidated view of resource consumption provides visibility to the overall utilization and true cost of consumption.

Nutanix Calm 3.0 offers new features

Nutanix recently released Calm 3.0 with added features to enhance its functionalities and user experience:

  • Runbooks: orchestrates automation tasks across infrastructure and applications in a hybrid cloud infrastructure. It can be triggered manually by end users, based on role-based access, or integrated using REST APIs.
  • Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): supports Python-based DSL for writing version controllable Calm blueprints-as-code to handle even the most complex application scenario.
  • Nutanix Xi as a provider: adding Nutanix Xi Cloud as a supported cloud provider to give customers even more freedom of choice.

The benefits of Nutanix Calm automation

Here's how Nutanix Calm can help you streamline and improve application management:

Improve IT agility and eliminate human errors

Calm incorporates elements of an application into a user-friendly blueprint to simplify the setup and management of custom enterprise applications. The automated and easily repeatable process allows your infrastructure team to handle the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications cost-efficiently.

Automate self-service with centralized control

Calm allows you to empower different groups in the organization to provision and manage their own applications without sacrificing end-to-end traceability for regulatory compliance. For example, centralized role-based access control gives you a single-pane-of-glass view of all the activities without adding bottlenecks to the processes.

Support application development and modernization

When combined with your choice of certified Kubernetes (e.g., Nutanix Karbon), Calm enables you to modernize applications without losing control over policy. It also natively integrates with Jenkins to empower CI/CD pipelines through automatic infrastructure provisioning or upgrades for all applications.

Orchestrate multicloud environments

Calm unifies the management of all your private, public and hybrid cloud environments (e.g., Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure) with a single-pane-of-glass view. Meanwhile, its consumption monitoring and forecasting features give you the visibility to make deployment decisions with confidence.

Add Nutanix Calm to your hyper-converged infrastructure solution

Nutanix Calm allows you to automate the deployment of existing or new business tools while delivering a flexible, automated and intuitive self-service experience to the end-user in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments — including Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

Experience Nutanix Calms' blueprint editor, services and packages, RBAC, marketplace, and more in our Nutanix Calm lab environment.