Partner Spotlight: Nutanix

Nutanix & WWT: Hyper-converged Infrastructure Solutions for Customers around the Globe

Nutanix and WWT strive to delight customers with a simple, flexible and cost-efficient cloud platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables a true hybrid and multicloud computing.

With a deep bench of domain experts in virtualization, networking, storage, automations and other domains, our WWT and Nutanix experts address in-depth solution challenges with organizations' data center modernization. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, our customers get unified management and operations with one-click simplicity, intelligent automation and always-on availability.


Hyper-converged infrastructure

Nutanix Prism is a management interface that delivers a multi-site centralized management experience from the hardware to the hypervisor. Prism has multiple capabilities beyond normal operations, such as capacity planning, resource optimization, application discovery, monitoring, costing, budgeting and chargeback and automation. 

Database management

Nutanix Era allows customers to deliver a common database-as-a-service (DBaaS) experience in private and public clouds across multiple hypervisors and database platforms. Nutanix Era was created to automate complex aspects of database management with a common interface and workflow across multiple database platforms. 


Calm is Nutanix’s orchestration and automation platform capable of managing complex applications spanning public, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Organizations can control provisioning, scaling and application management across AWS, Azure, GCP, vSphere, and AHV to increase IT operation speeds and deliver a service-provider-like infrastructure as a code-like experience for their customers. 

Software-defined storage

Nutanix Files offers a centralized location for unstructured data, including home directories, user profiles, departmental shares, application logs, backups, archives and more. Nutanix Objects is a high-performance S3 Object store service that addresses storage-related use cases for backup, long-term retention and data storage for your cloud-native applications using standard S3 APIs. 

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Nutanix Prism / AHV

Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that produces hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliances and software-defined storage. This particular hardware is the Nutanix branded SuperMicro hardware.



Nutanix Era Database Orchestration Lab

In this lab you will be introduced to Nutanix Era Database Orchestration in relation to managing Oracle and/or MS SQL Server. We are going to have a lot of fun by creating, backing up, restoring and destroying a database. This lab can be done by anyone, so continue on for a look at this exceptional product.



Nutanix Calm

Nutanix Calm enables organizations to automate IT service delivery to meet their business needs and fully manage the release process. Calm automation lets you run applications on multiple hypervisors and clouds without platform lock-in and adjust workloads according to business priorities. Calm also provides policy-based governance, making it easier to optimize VM utilization and sizing, which leads to significant savings in OPEX and CAPEX as well as shorter time to value.


Lab Nutanix

Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files is a software-defined scale-out file storage solution. It improves storage services by providing high availability, massive scale, simplified self-service management, self-tuning and self-healing. Unlike other NAS solutions it can be deployed stand alone or as part of your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Bring cloud flexibility and enterprise capabilities to your datacenter with Nutanix Files. Please read the "Nutanix Files Access" document attached to the capability to access the interface. This document can also be found on the capability desktop. Note - to access the analytics portion, you currently have to launch the desktop.


WWT is a Nutanix Cloud Champion

Learn more about WWT's Nutanix capabilities, speak with an expert or take advantage of what we have in our labs.

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