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Pure Storage Backup is a leading backup and restore solution that increases the speed of data restoration. Pure's Backup is powered by its FlashBlade systems, making it ideal for repelling potential cybersecurity attacks that risk locking you out of your critical data.

Backup solutions are increasingly crucial to protect your business from evolving cybersecurity threats like malware and ransomware. An effective and reliable backup and restore solution is critical to defending yourself and your users against the ever-increasing risk of data loss and theft.

Data backup and restore, which involve regularly creating copies of data so it can be restored, is also vital to minimizing the risk of power outages and other business-critical threats. This can take the form of processes like mirroring and snapshots, which enable you to meet your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). 

What is flash storage?

Flash storage is a data storage method that uses flash memory chips to write and store data. It also uses non-volatile memory, which ensures that data won't be lost when a machine's power is turned off.

Flash storage solutions are highly available and more energy and physical space efficient than mechanical disk storage. This enables you to achieve rapid response times with microsecond latency, as opposed to the comparatively slow performance of traditional hard drives.  

Flash storage is ideal for addressing the evolving sophistication of modern cyber threats as it provides security, ultra-low latency and reliability to meet modern business requirements. It offers immutable and isolated copies, which adds an extra layer of security and ensures data backup copies can be quickly and reliably restored.

Flash storage is increasingly vital to modernizing IT infrastructure by extending the usable capacity and enhancing application performance. This capability is particularly crucial in high-performance applications, which rely on data being delivered quickly and efficiently.

Flash storage comes in various formats, including:

Storage array: This involves the use of multiple disk drives for block-based data storage. This option separates data storage from your connections and network communication to provide more capacity than file servers. It also enables multiple servers from your business to efficiently access the same data.

SSD flash drive: Solid-state disk drives (SSDs) store data using flash memory and are increasingly built into modern computers and laptops alongside or in place of hard disk drives (HDDs). Flash-based SSDs have no moving parts, which means less latency.

All-FlashArray: These are highly available and ultra-low latency architectures that are designed to maximize performance in multicloud environments and storage protocols.

Accessing data quickly via flash storage memory devices is managed by a specific transfer protocol called non-volatile memory express (NVMe). This protocol ensures the safe passage of data between, for example, SSDs and a computer through the device's high-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe). Pure Storage FlashArray and other data storage solutions operate the enhanced speeds offered by PCIe for a high-performing all-flash storage array. 

What are the benefits of Pure Storage Flash Storage?

Pure Storage's Flash Storage solutions provide a range of benefits that help you secure the availability and integrity of your critical data. These benefits include: 

Industry-leading availability: Pure Storage's solutions guarantee "six-nines" availability of 99.9999 percent. Pure's flash options are highly latency tolerant, which is ideal for availability and meeting the capacity requirements of modern, highly data-intensive workloads.

High data efficiency: Pure's modules and data-reduction technologies provide a unique level of usable, effective capacity. This helps you handle the increased capacity demands and simplify and guarantee the performance of business-critical workloads.

Constant data protection: Pure Storage provides always-on protection from cyberattacks and disasters. It offers built-in capabilities that help you meet RPO and RTO security requirements and service-level agreements (SLAs). It also delivers features like immutable snapshots, cloud backups and array replication to maximize business continuity.

Non-disruptive architecture: Pure's storage options provide a 100 percent non-disruptive IT architecture that removes the complexities, expensive upgrades and high levels of risk that come with legacy storage. It also provides synchronous replication and high-speed connectivity for increased security and to eliminate the potential of disruption.

Enhance your applications: Pure's flash storage solutions help you to enhance the performance of popular business-critical applications. This includes compatibility with apps like Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server, Oracle with DirectMemory modules and SAP HANA. These apps can be dropped into Pure's storage and see latency reduced by up to 50 percent without needing any configuration or tuning.

What are the different types of Pure Storage flash products?

Pure Storage provides various flash storage products to meet your organization's specific requirements. These options include:

Pure Storage FlashArray//C: FlashArray//C is an enterprise-ready flash storage product from the Pure Storage FlashArray family. It offers proven 99.9999 percent availability, consistent single-millisecond latency and non-disruptive upgrades, which mean it can handle even the most demanding environments. That makes FlashArray//C deal for preventing inconsistent performance and unplanned disruptions.

Pure Storage FlashArray//X: Pure Storage FlashArray//X is ideal for running more workloads, as well as bigger databases and more applications and users, on fewer arrays. It offers exceptional performance density, which means it can consolidate more business services on fewer arrays. That enables you to accelerate business-critical workloads and file services on unified storage.

Pure Storage FlashBlade: Pure Storage FlashBlade is the most advanced all-flash storage product in the industry. The Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage platform provides unified, unstructured storage that's ideal for enabling modern data experiences, consistently high performance and control and cloud-like simplicity. FlashBlade is deployed by over 25 percent of Fortune 100 companies to replace legacy solutions like Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Network Attached Storage (NAS) and remove data siloes.

PureStorage FlashStack: PureStorage FlashStack is an all-flash converged infrastructure product that enables you to bring flash storage to your data center faster. It offers the latest in compute, hardware, network, storage and virtualization software in an integrated architecture that speeds up time to deployment, reduces deployment risk and lowers IT costs.

How WWT can help with Pure Storage Backup

WWT is committed to providing modern data experiences and flexible, reliable and seamless innovation to customers perfectly positioned to help your organization join the flash storage revolution, as evidenced by our recognition as a Pure Storage FlashStack Practice Partner of the Year

Discover how WWT can help your organization build a modern architecture with our labs for Pure FlashBlade and FlashArray.