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For over 30 years, WWT has thrived on a culture of innovation and embracing change, with a passion for doing whatever it takes to ensure that the organizations we work with achieve success beyond their expectations. Our culture is the foundation of who we are, how we act, how we treat others and how we run our business. And that is the real foundation to WWT's mission to make a new world happen. It is all about connecting our employees, partners and customers together to drive real innovation that generates real outcomes. We have developed this new proposition to represent the future and placed it at the heart of who we are and why we exist.  

As a company rooted in delivering outcomes, it is important we be able to back these words up with real stories showing how we have made an impact on the world by enabling our clients to do their best work, our partners to make the right products and our employees to positively impact the communities in which they live. The vision that drives how we make a new world happen is tied directly into the mission of our company to be a profitable growth company that happens to be a great place to work for all.  

That phrase--make a new world happen--encapsulates the ambition engrained in all that what we do not just for our partners and our customers, but for our people and communities across the globe.  

WWT & Intel: Moving the world forward

We often call our partners our customers. And that is because we strive to treat them as such. Having a trusting, high-performing relationship amongst our partners with shared objectives is integral to our business. We consider the relationships we have with our largest suppliers and customers globally as a key component and an advantage in the market.

Over the last three decades, WWT has cultivated a global network of alliances with industry leaders. One of those most notable relationships is with Intel.

The strength in WWT's partnership with Intel is our shared vision focused on delivering solutions and mission-critical outcomes for our customers.

"Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything, and it is increasingly how the federal government delivers on its mission priorities," says Jason Kimrey, General Manager for U.S. Channel and Partner Programs at Intel. "Whether represented through a government agency, or an educational institution, the mission is delivered through the use of technology to enable the digital transformation of tomorrow."

"Intel is at the heart of innovation," Kimrey continues, "Fueled by advanced and emerging technologies of the future including AI and ML, 5G, IoT, understanding the potential of data and how to harness it. We provide the building blocks for customers to solve problems with technology. The innovative technologies that we build only come to life through partners like WWT. At Intel, we are proud to partner with WWT to assist our customers' adoption of technology to deliver the new capabilities in the new world."

WWT's longstanding partnership with Intel is based on a shared dedication to do something wonderful to make a new world happen.  

'Do Something Wonderful' is a phrase pulled from Intel's roots that takes inspiration from the over 50-year history. It serves as a rallying cry across the company meant to inspire and partners to do something truly wonderful; to solve the most challenging problems and make the world a better place.  

At its core, the basis of the partnership between WWT and Intel is about the business and the technology, but it is also about giving back to the community. WWT and Intel share a common culture committed to social responsibility and making a difference. Together, we have the ability to leverage technology to enrich the lives of people all over the world.

"Doing something small can lead to something big, and it is critical to recognize the impact one smaller innovation can have, and how it can lead to further innovation," posits Kimrey.

Together, WWT and Intel are equally committed to the latest emerging technology, understanding its impact on business and IT outcomes as a result of proper implementation and deployment of that technology, and ensuring our customers continue to use technology to deliver to capabilities in the new world.  

WWT, Intel & the ATC

When you think about Intel, your mind may first go to their industry-leading processor technology; but they are much more. Intel has a comprehensive portfolio to address agency and organization needs from client to data center, edge to cloud; and their strategic partnerships with OEMs, ISVs and CSPs allow for optimized solutions across the technology stack.  

Intel's vast architecture forms the foundation for more than 95 percent of customer solutions in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Customers are invited to experience the innovation Intel and WWT are driving in the ATC by connecting with experts, launching a virtual lab or demo, or scheduling a workshop.

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