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Michael Madison is a Cloud Platform Architect on WWT's Multicloud team. He has more than 10 years' experience in the tech industry and is currently focused on infrastructure automation, Google big data and automation.

Michael was recently named a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, one of a select few in the world, recognizing his expertise in both the technical and business aspects of Google Cloud Anthos.

We talked with Michael to learn more about what the certification means for the organizations Michael works with.

Q&A with Michael

How did you become a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

One of my managers nominated me for the certification. Candidates must have enterprise experience with Google Anthos. In the first stage, I was required to complete an exam which consisted of several technical hands-on labs. After I passed the exam, I had a panel interview with Google Cloud experts.

What does it mean to be a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

Google Cloud Certified Fellows are experts at designing enterprise solutions and proficient at translating business requirements into technical solutions

How will being a Google Cloud Certified Fellow help you when engaging on customer projects?

In addition to the opportunities and exposure through the program, I will have the support of my Google Cloud Certified Fellows when working through challenges on client projects.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

My experience developing software and software-driven solutions with our Application Services department, and then my transition to the Multicloud team, gave me a solid foundation in cloud automation and developing cloud-first applications. Since moving over, I've helped numerous customers on their cloud adoption journeys, which includes solutions ranging from Anthos, Infrastructure as Code and BigQuery, just to name a few. All of these experiences helped me while preparing for the exam and will be very beneficial for new opportunities I work on. 


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