Asia Integration Center (Singapore)

WWT opened its Asia Integration Center in Singapore in 2015. The 50,000-square-foot-facility includes nearly 12,000 square feet of flexible integration space, and enables new innovation workstreams and collaboration opportunities, while accelerating the development of new supply chain solutions and capabilities for the region and beyond.

The AIC-Singapore is also integrated through a virtual ecosystem which can be assessed 24/7 by customers who can be in constant collaboration with top engineers and architects at WWT on areas such as collaboration, compute and cloud, mobility, networking, security, software and storage and big data.

AIC-Singapore Service Capabilities

AIC-Singapore Service Capabilities

Standard Logistics Services

Shipping and receiving
Inventory and storage
Cross dock and logistics
AIC-Singapore Service Capabilities

Non-Powered On

Asset tagging
Data capture and reporting
Kitting and repackaging
AIC-Singapore Service Capabilities

Powered On

Asset management
Imaging and configuration
Hardware integration/removal
IOS Network device service
Network project staging
AIC-Singapore Service Capabilities

Rack & Stack

VPN services
Rack integration
Testing and burn-in
Component installation
Custom cabling
System and data center staging
Custom crating, packaging and asset management

Industry Expertise

Service Provider

Deliver innovative, next-generation services to clients faster than ever with unmatched integration capabilities.


Financial Services

Worldwide deployment in a production-class environment for staging, kitting and building all infrastructure components.



Analyze and act on information relative to the entire operation to improve visibility, availability, quantity and quality.



Accelerate omnichannel strategy for a large retail organization with proofs of concept, pre-configuration and integration expertise.


Asia Integration Center (Singapore)

APAC – Singapore, Singapore

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