Knowledge is power. The power to drive operational gains by turning industrial data into actionable insights.

True digital transformation is accomplished by bringing together analytics, infrastructure and cybersecurity to deliver real business value. Developing the right data strategy requires business acumen and real-world experience in the converging spheres of operations technology (OT), information technology (IT) and industrial control systems that increasingly connect and protect critical assets and workers.

We understand the latent power of the data coming off the plant floor. We also know turning that data into actionable insights is a challenge — one that requires bridging the OT/IT gap and building architectures that give manufacturers the agility to meet business goals while protecting business assets.

Our experts can help you progress your digital transformation and:

Increase production availability, yield and quality

Reduce production costs and speed time to market

Improve the security of production systems and the safety of the workforce

Actions and results matter

Strategy plus execution

We don't simply tell you what problems need to be solved.

We partner with you to fully understand and identify business and technology challenges. We collaborate to develop solutions based on best practices. Then we execute at scale to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Our experts combine real-world expertise and experience in manufacturing, data science, IT and cybersecurity to design and deliver digital strategies that can truly transform your business.

Who we help

Our customers span a variety of manufacturing and distribution sectors:


Consumer Packaged Goods

Food & Beverage

Life Sciences / Pharma

Our capabilities

We transform manufacturing and distribution by leveraging innovative science and technology, enabling our customers to make better decisions, faster.


Science & Technology Transformation

IoT & Analytics

Sensors produce a lot of data — some valuable, some not. It’s easy for AI platforms and data lakes to capture more data than manufacturers can act on. By taking a step back and identifying what use cases will improve availability, yield and quality, manufacturers can make sure they are capturing data that leads to operational gains.

IT/OT Infrastructure

Operations and IT teams have evolved separately over many decades. These teams must work together if manufacturers are to transform and adopt a digital, connected enterprise infrastructure that is supportable, sustainable and secure. We bridge OT and IT with a common understanding of business needs and enabling technologies. 

IT/OT Security

Digital manufacturing and IIoT strategies are increasingly exposing industrial control systems to cyber threats. Manufacturers must first obtain visibility to all assets, then evaluate security controls, processes and risks against company and industry standards, regulations and best practices.

Experience Transformation

Workforce Experience

We help manufacturers and their workforce navigate an increasingly complex system that is witnessing the merger of OT/IT environments and becoming more mobile at the same time.

Customer Experience

As more and more industries embrace digital transformation, customers' expectations are growing. This holds true for the manufacturing industry as well. We show manufacturers how to meet and exceed those expectations.