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Digital transformation has resulted in a significant increase of real-time data creation, which has driven demand for real-time analytics and AI/ML applications. These real-time workflows and applications have exposed a large performance gap in existing solutions. In an ideal world, these applications would live entirely in system memory, but legacy architectures cannot support such a deployment due to a lack of capacity, performance, or availability required. This data center challenge has opened the door to new, innovative software-defined memory solutions like MemVerge Memory Machine. 

MemVerge Memory Machine solution enables administrators to combine DRAM and Intel Persistent Memory Modules (PMem) into a single memory pool and then, present it to their in-memory applications without having to rewrite the application. In addition, Memory Machine provides data services such as in-memory snapshots and replication, addressing application fault tolerance and data durability challenges when applications are deployed on persistent memories.

In the ATC Insight section, you see how we tested the performance of MemVerge Memory Machine with a real-world in-memory database application called KDB+.

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