Cisco Smart Licensing Deployment Models For Collaboration Explained


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Cisco Smart Licensing is the only licensing method available for the newest versions of Cisco's Collaboration System Release (CSR). Below is a group of common questions that architects and engineers have to ask themselves so they can make decisions on the most effective Smart Licensing deployment model for their organization. 

  • How will my Collaboration Apps access the internet?
  • Will the communication path go through an HTTP Proxy?
  • Do we need to open firewall ports for direct access?
  • Do we want to have our own on-premise licensing portal with limited cloud access?
  • Is our organization completely air-gapped with zero access to the internet for our Collaboration Applications?
  • What information can we share with the Cisco Smart Licensing Portal?

The answers to these questions help determine the best Cisco Smart Licensing Deployment model for an organization. In the next section, we dig into four different Cisco Smart Licensing Deployment models that customers choose based on the answers to these common questions.  If you would like to learn more, please click on the ATC Insight Section.

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