Testing Palo Alto's NGFW capabilities with the Cisco ENCS Platform


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We have a customer who is in the midst of re-architecting and evaluating a new branch location strategy using the concept of Universal Customer Premise Equipment (or uCPE).  The reason they are embarking on this strategy is that it could mean saving millions of dollars by collapsing several physical hardware devices into a virtual compute platform in the form of Virtual Network Functions (or VNFs).

In this specific scenario, they asked us to lab up an environment in the WWT Advanced Technology Center (or ATC) that would help them evaluate Palo Alto's capabilities around virtual firewalls.  They specifically asked for the Palo Alto VM-300 and it needed to live directly on Cisco's Enterprise Network Compute System (or ENCS) which was serving as the Universal Customer Premises Equipment (or uCPE).  

We tested several scenarios and use cases specified by our customer around Palo Alto's virtual firewall capabilities. If you would like to find out what we tested and how Palo Alto performed, please keep reading in the ATC Insight Section.

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