Can Cisco's ENCS Platform really be used for Network Function Virtualization in a Multi-Vendor scenario?

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If you type in "Cisco ENCS Platform" into a Google Search today, you will find all kinds of documentation from Cisco going all the way back to 2017 when the Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (or ENCS) platform was launched into their portfolio. 

Fast forwarding to 2020, we at World Wide Technology wanted to understand if the Cisco ENCS Platform can really be used for Network Function Virtualization (or NFV) specifically a multi-vendor environment.  Our testing was initiated by a Proof of Concept in our Advanced Technology Center (or ATC) with one of our customers who wanted to validate if they could use the Cisco ENCS Platform as a Universal CPE containing multi-vendor Virtual Network Functions (or VNFs) operating in a Service-Chaining scenario.  This testing could help them decide if they could introduce the solution into their managed services portfolio.

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