3 Important Things to Consider When Going "All In" on Universal CPE

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If you read the original ATC Insight on the testing we did around Cisco's ENCS Platform and whether it could truly be used in a multi-vendor scenario, then you are in luck!  We have some additional insight around Universal CPE in Network Function Virtualization (or NFV).  Additionally, if you would like to go review the previous ATC Insight around Cisco's ENCS platform then click here.

We highlight three major things you need to be aware of if deciding to move forward with a Universal CPE solution where NFV is utilized.  We felt compelled to explain these thoughts based on the testing that we did in our Advanced Technology Center lab around a uCPE and multi-vendor VNF design validation testing exercises we did for one of our customers.

If you are considering a Universal CPE solution which contains multiple vendors, then please read on in the ATC Insight Section in the Left Pane.

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