A platform and ecosystem to make the right technology decisions faster.

ATC Platform

ATC Platform

Conquer the speed and complexity of technology.

Every company that embarks on digital transformation experiences significant headwinds. Our ATC Platform is a strategic resource to combat those challenges — a technology playground that mitigates the risk inherent in solving complex business challenges with even more complex technology solutions. Don't just think it will work. Know it will. 

Hands-on, on-demand experience

Real-world insights and research

Practical and actionable guidance

Compare, contrast and validate

Strategy, expertise and training


Infrastructure investment


VMs in ATC cloud


OEM partner ecosystem


Rack capacity


Customer engagements

Outcomes and benefits

Accelerate decision making

Bypass a chaotic technology landscape and quickly come to smart conclusions with practical tutorials, actionable insights and objective expertise.

Continuous education and skill acquisition

Level up with on-demand labs that focus on the latest tech advancement, browse learning opportunities with industry leaders and collaborate with WWT technology experts.

Mitigate risk

Test drive solutions before they're put into production. Validate solutions in a safe environment to ensure they'll work as intended once deployed.

Speed and agility

Conquer the speed and complexity of technology by combining the worlds of strategy and execution, and business and technology to more quickly deploy complex IT solutions. 

(WWT is) providing people with access to technical expertise via a radically simplified experience and without requiring extensive and costly training. Gartner

Learn on your own

Videos, articles, white papers, demos and lab environments to learn at your own pace.

Learn with others

Real-world proofs of concepts and focused communities to learn from others with similar interests.

Learn with us

Workshops, briefings and virtual or in-person events to learn from our subject matter experts.

A knowledge-sharing hub unlike any other

Over the last decade, the ATC Platform has morphed into a tool organizations lean on to make smart technology decisions fast and accelerate digital transformation. 

There is no other platform in the world that features:



Insight and intellectual capital that reaches into every sector of the economy.



Industry-leading partnerships with the world's largest OEMs and technology companies.



Independent and informed guidance with a customer-centric approach.


The world's largest organizations are using the ATC to:

Underpin digital transformation

One of the world's largest financial institutions, looking to modernize its global data center operations, has leveraged the vast capabilities of the ATC Platform to enable and drive its digital transformation initiatives. Leveraging our strategy workshops, skills assessments, on-demand trainings, virtual sandboxes and one-on-one mentoring and collaboration sessions, the bank is accelerating its digital strategy and upskilling its IT teams.

The world's largest organizations are using the ATC to:

Move fast and learn at the same time

One of the largest telecommunications service providers in the world preparing for the imminent rollout of 5G used the ATC Platform to analyze various optical platforms in conjunction with other network components. Recognizing our team's expertise, the telco started sending its IT engineers to the ATC for training. We created an optical curriculum with over 25 custom modules that has trained over 1,500 of the telco's engineers to ensure they were fully capable of installing the solution in the service provider’s network without setback.

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ATC Lab Services

Cut your proof of concept time from months to weeks, if not days, by leveraging the ATC's testing and automation infrastructure.



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