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AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, WWT uses our expertise across the cloud continuum to help customers at every stage of their cloud journey — from strategy through execution.


Our cloud expertise is supported by decades of experience in designing, building, deploying and securing converged, hyper-converged and on-premises infrastructure solutions as well as complex networking environments.

Combining AWS expertise with hands-on experience across cloud and related technologies, WWT customers get the best of both worlds when developing hybrid cloud solutions — from initial strategy and planning through execution and optimization.

Since the release AWS Outposts, AWS and WWT have responded to growing interest across business sectors. 

AWS Outposts is featured in WWT's  Advanced Technology Center (ATC), and we're continuously working with AWS experts to validate multiple use-case scenarios across public sector and commercial organizations.


  • Manufacturing customers are migrating to the AWS cloud, but they still have plants and workers in remote locations that require low latency to application stacks and who need to remain close to plant floors.
  • Automobile customers are exploring AWS Outposts and AWS Snowball devices to help with local data processing for autonomous vehicle testing.
  • Financial customers want to use AWS Outposts as part of their fraud detection and analysis systems for speed and regulatory compliance.
  • Healthcare providers are evaluating AWS Outposts to provide faster patient analytics on premises and to store long-term data in the cloud.
  • Enterprise customers are looking at AWS Outposts to accelerate application refactoring for workloads that depend on on-premises systems.

Our approach and services

WWT uses a phased approach in our cloud migrations. Our AWS Outposts-related services include:

  • Refactoring on-premises applications that need to be cloud native or that have dependencies on other on-premises systems.
  • Standardizing and automating tooling (i.e., CloudFormation and terraform) for integration into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Introducing AI/ML workloads for data that is not able to be migrated for regulatory reasons.
  • Integrating container-based workloads with on-premises clusters using Amazon EKS.
  • Incorporating AWS Outposts into edge computing architectures in conjunction with AWS Wavelength.

Learn more about how WWT is using AWS Outposts in our ATC.

WWT helps maximize benefits of AWS Outposts

While organizations can customize compute and storage capacity when ordering AWS Outposts, integrating Outposts into an existing solution may require both cloud and on-premises expertise. WWT experts are ready to use our extensive technology integration experience to streamline and optimize your AWS Outposts deployments:

> We right-size how AWS Outposts fits into your on-premises architecture.

>> Our experts walk you through procurement and the environmental requirements for obtaining and deploying AWS Outposts.

>>> We optimize network connectivity to Outposts between your on-premises facilities and multiple AWS Regions.

>>>> Result: An AWS Outposts solution designed for high availability and redundancy.

Strategic Cloud Consulting

WWT's established cloud practices and software development teams are dedicated to educating, guiding and assisting customers throughout the process. We have a strong customer base in public sector, manufacturing and engineering, financial services industry, telecom, healthcare and life sciences, and more.

Proven Testing & Execution

Customers can test and evaluate AWS Outposts configuration in the ATC, an industry-leading testing and research lab that is staffed by industry-recognized experts across any imaginable technology discipline. Within the ATC, WWT can simulate complex customer environments with exact equipment and specifications and reduce evaluation time.

AWS Outposts meets the growing demand for hybrid cloud use cases in public and commercial sectors. We'd love to hear your use cases and discuss how the ones we are currently testing may be relevant to your organization. 

Learn how WWT can incorporate AWS Outposts into your hybrid cloud solution. Contact us