WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) now has Dell's new 15G server line available to be reserved for customer evaluation and integration testing. This line includes Dell PowerEdge R750, R750xa, R650, MX750c, R7515 and R7525 systems. 

The new product release introduces the latest processors from Intel and AMD. It also brings a new energy efficient strategy to the market with a completely new motherboard design and front-end perforations that prevent buildup of dust around the intake and increase airflow efficiency through the entire architecture.  

Customers can evaluate the new Intel Optane Persistent Memory Series 200 modules operating at 3200 MT/s, which is the same speed as the DRAM. The density of memory has also changed from 12 DIMM slots per CPU socket to 16 DIMM slots per CPU socket that enables up to 6TB of memory per CPU socket and 12TB of memory for a dual socket system. The 15G systems also bring an all PCIe 4 solution to the market that now enables 64 PCI lanes per CPU socket versus 48 lanes per CPU socket in previous models. The PCIe performance improvements can be tested and validated with both devices installed into the server or with one of our two Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) solutions, LIQID and GigaIO.  

The PowerEdge 15G server line also introduces the next generation in server networking with Open Compute Project (OCP) NIC 3.0 technology support. The Open Compute Project was formed in 2011 and is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. The OCP NIC 3.0 technology is designed to take on today's growing needs for exponential traffic growth and massive data throughput. This technology will enable further advancement in the SmartNIC, DPU (Data Processing Unit) and Intel IPU (Infrastructure Processing Unit) technology and adoption of this new innovative technology.

WWT's engineering teams are excited to showcase the new line of 15G servers from Dell to you and also help with the evaluations and integration testing.