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The integration of Private Cellular Networks and MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network) Neutral Host Networking into healthcare infrastructure will mark a significant leap forward in the sector's digital transformation. This combination is not merely about enhancing connectivity; it's about redefining the patient journey and empowering healthcare providers with unparalleled levels of data accessibility and security.

Patients now step into a world where their medical experience is seamlessly connected, from admission to discharge, enveloped in the assurance of constant care and communication.   

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Healthcare providers are historically faced with the twin challenges of ensuring robust, fail-safe communication networks and delivering a patient experience that is both comforting and empowering. In healthcare communication, where even a few seconds of delay can have serious consequences, there is a need for a network infrastructure that is not only resilient but also quick to respond. Additionally, patients and their families increasingly expect a healthcare experience that keeps them informed and engaged, placing additional pressure on already strained systems. Moreover, the vast array of devices and services across the healthcare spectrum further complicates the pursuit of a network that can universally serve the varying needs of devices, providers and patients.   


Enter Private Cellular Networks and MOCN Neutral Host Networking—the solution that stands to tackle these challenges head-on. Private Cellular Networks offer healthcare facilities their own tailor-made communication highways, free from the public macro network. They provide the security and reliability healthcare providers require for critical communications and data protection, ensuring that patient information flows freely and safely only to those who need it. 

Supplementing this, MOCN Neutral Host Networking ensures that anyone within the facility, regardless of their personal network carrier, gets uninterrupted service. This trait particularly enhances the patient experience—imagine a scenario where a patient never loses touch with their family's support messages or a visiting specialist can access patient data without connectivity woes. This network synergy assures continuity of care and communication, vital for patient satisfaction and engagement.  


The combined might of Private Cellular Networks and MOCN Neutral Host Networking provides a comprehensive response to the connectivity conundrum in healthcare. It offers a robust platform that not only propels healthcare providers towards operational excellence but also elevates the patient experience to new heights. This is the future of healthcare connectivity—secure, seamless, and patient-centric.  

Why WWT?  

World Wide Technology stands as a leading choice for Private Cellular Networking and Neutral Host Networking due to its unique blend of expertise, resources, and partnerships. WWT's team possesses extensive industry expertise and excels in the design of private cellular networks, differentiating us in the marketplace.   

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) showcases various private cellular network platforms, often in partnership with key vendors. This allows us to work with customers to set up specific test scenarios based on their requirements or even compare competing platforms.  

WWT's supply chain and integration capabilities further enhance our offerings. Within our integration centers, we take charge of the supply chain, assembly of components, timely delivery, and additional tailor-made services to meet customer needs prior to dispatching the products to the client. This process allows us to consolidate hardware, identify any dead-on-arrival equipment, and pre-configure systems, reducing time spent in the field during deployment.   

Our services and support are tailored to fit the needs of the customers' particular network requirements. We work with key partners to provide install and support and managed services, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.  

In summary, WWT's comprehensive approach to Private Cellular Networking and Neutral Host Networking, backed by our experienced staff, ATC, global integration centers, and professional services team, makes us a preferred choice for businesses seeking to innovate and implement digital transformation.