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I had the opportunity to speak with Chad Bockert and Carolyn Henry about WWT and Intel's long-standing partnership. In the conversation, we talked about how their shared cultures—and the actions both organizations have taken over the years— have influenced their organization's brand messages. 

Since its inception, WWT has thrived on a culture of innovation and embracing change, with a passion for doing whatever it takes to ensure that the organizations they work with achieve success beyond their expectations.

And when it comes to partnerships, having a trusting, high-performing relationship amongst their partners with shared objectives is integral to WWT's business. 

One of those most notable relationships is with Intel.

A partnership based on shared values and commitments

From leadership teams to company culture and even down to brand marketing, it's apparent that Intel and WWT's values and commitment to innovation and making a positive impact in the world are aligned. 

WWT's vision that drives how they make a new world happen is tied directly to the company's mission to be a profitable growth company that happens to be a great place to work for all. And it is all about connecting their employees, partners and customers together to drive real innovation that generates real outcomes.

"We wanted to really try to encapsulate all the different elements of what we care about in our business, brand and culture. Half of it is focused on building innovative products and solutions that will help our customers advance their business which will help advance society overall," says Bockert. "And the other half is supporting and creating a great place to work for employees, inspiring them to figure out how to make a new world happen through their work and in their communities."

Pulled from Intel's roots that span over a 50-year history, Intel's brand messaging of "How Wonderful is That?" delivers an inspirational tone that gives them the opportunity to reintroduce themselves to audiences that might not know who they are, which is a brand that shapes the future through breakthrough technology and is committed to enabling its people to make an impact in the world.  

"Our message is on the walls of our entryways and many of our major offices. And it really is inspiring our folks every day to do their best with technology," says Henry. "It goes deep into the fabric of our technologists and how energized our folks are and speaks to that core belief and need for us to keep innovating and keep pushing. The message also provides a platform for our work with partners and with our wide ecosystem, where our technology becomes real in the world --- where we can say, 'How wonderful is that?'"

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Making a difference in communities worldwide 

At its core, the basis of the partnership between WWT and Intel is about the business and the technology, but it is also about giving back to the community. WWT and Intel share a common culture committed to social responsibility and making a difference. Together, they have the ability to leverage technology to enrich the lives of people all over the world.

Most recently, WWT and Intel were instrumental in working with Geeks Without Frontiers, Computer Aid InternationalAmerican Tower and others to aid the people of Ukraine by deploying a fleet of Portable Connectivity Centres that would serve as ad hoc Internet cafés and information stations. Each player contributed their own special expertise in infrastructure, hardware, network, security, connectivity and much more. 

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And that isn't the only time the two companies have teamed up to help when tragedy occurs. In 2017, WWT and Intel embarked on a multi-year joint mission to help the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed their homes, commerce and infrastructure. The mission consisted of plans to provide immediate aid and equip historically underserved school districts with modern technology infrastructure that would help students continue their education.

Continuing to move the world forward

When you think about Intel, your mind may first go to their industry-leading processor technology --- but they are much more. Intel has a comprehensive portfolio to address organization needs from data center, edge to cloud; and their strategic partnerships with OEMs, ISVs and CSPs allow for optimized solutions across the technology stack, which is why Intel's vast architecture forms the foundation for the majority of customer solutions in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC). 

"WWT and Intel are really aligned with the customer-first mindset. It's our job to help customers figure out what is the right solution for them. Being able to delve into an ecosystem of strong partnerships that both organizations have created allows us to work in a consultative way that puts our customers first," says Bockert. 

Henry adds, "It's very important to the company to make sure we're aligned with our partners as much as possible so we can benefit from that synergy. Making sure we have those alliances is paramount to Intel, and it has really been part of Intel's success for the last 50 years. I think that we have a wonderful synergy here between WWT and Intel, and I look forward to seeing our two organizations continue to work together to enable innovation, make an impact in the world and inspire future generations."