6Wind Mobile Security Gateway Demo

1 hour
The Mobile Security Gateway is a key component used by service providers to provide networking and security functionalities across the different networks from the RAN to the core network.


This demo focuses on the 6WIND Virtual Security Gateway product (vSecGW) which can be deployed in a 4G or 5G network to deliver end-to-end encryption between femto cells, macro cells or small cells and the 4G/5G core network.

Using the 6WIND vSecGW, service providers can replace legacy physical security gateways with a virtual one running on COTS servers in hybrid environments and delivering superior deployment flexibility, a rich feature set, carrier-grade performance, and high availability at a fraction of the cost.

The purpose of these benchmarks is to determine the performance that can be achieved in a representative configuration of a Mobile Network Security Gateway for the aggregation of traffic coming from 4G/5G antennas, and/or femto/smallcells.

The demo is based on 4 different components, each running as a virtual machine on 3 different servers:

  • 1 server running the 6WIND vSecGW appliance (vSecGW)
  • 1 server running an emulation of 10K radios (gNodeB emulator)
  • 1 server running a traffic generator (TRex) and a Grafana open observability platform

Each server is running with two Intel E810 NIC cards, providing a total of four 100 Gbps ports used within a bonding interface in order to handle an asymmetric traffic between the RAN and the Security Gateway appliance.