Cloud Management Platforms Briefing

1 hour
Customers want a hybrid cloud, but they do not have a clear blueprint to succeed. Cloud management platforms help create a "single pane of glass" that encompasses automation, brokerage, lifecycle and governance.


We focus on three solutions.

WWT is ready to help you with your cloud management platform journey. Attend this briefing to discuss the difference between these products and help you decide the best fit for your organization.  


  • What is a cloud management platform
  • Gartner multi-functional wheel and how it applies
  • The automation and orchestration stack
  • Why we focus on three products
  • Development strategies
  • A successful approach based on proven success
  • Third party solution and integrations
  • Product comparison

What is a Briefing? 

A scheduled event with a WWT Subject Matter Expert – typically via a live Webex – where our Subject Matter experts present an overview of specific topics, technologies, capabilities or market trends. Attendees are allotted time for Q&A to pose questions specific to your organization. Delivered free of charge. 

Who should attend?

Technical directors, managers and key stakeholders working on your automation strategy.