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Every company that embarks on digital transformation experiences significant headwinds. is a digitized knowledge-sharing hub — a website made up of physical and virtual lab environments, learning paths, research, insight and technology expertise — that helps you combat those challenges head on.

Gartner recently highlighted WWT as a leader in augmented digital — a core building block to IT consumption and modernization — at its Tech Growth & Innovation Conference.

Benefits and outcomes

Accelerated decision making: Bypass a chaotic technology landscape and quickly come to smart conclusions with practical tutorials, actionable insights and objective expertise.

Continuous education and skill acquisition: Level up with on-demand labs that focus on the latest tech advancement, browse learning opportunities with industry leaders and collaborate with WWT technology experts.

Mitigated risk: Test drive solutions before they're put into production. Validate solutions in a safe environment to ensure they'll work as intended once deployed.

Speed and agility:  Conquer the speed and complexity of technology by combining the worlds of strategy and execution, and business and technology to more quickly deploy complex IT solutions.

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How to use

Use our labs to: 

  • Design and deploy multi-vendor technology solutions
  • Build foundational knowledge around specific products and technologies
  • Explore and compare integrations between vendors and keep pace with new feature releases
  • Evaluate new technologies to determine if they will work with your current infrastructure
  • Validate proofs of concept to discover the art of the possible
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Leverage our research to: 

  • Determine where you should be focusing your resources and why
  • Prepare for the future by identifying and explaining emerging trends
  • Meticulously work toward modernizing your IT capabilities
  • Identify strategies and next best actions to evolve your capabilities around technology
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Engage with our events to: 

  • Tap into our industry-leading expertise and unparalleled training
  • Think creatively about strategy and execution
  • Capture real-world insights and research
  • Leverage practical and actionable guidance


By the numbers

  • $500M+ Infrastructure investment
  • 20,000+ VMs in ATC cloud
  • 100+ OEM partner ecosystem
  • 500+ Rack capacity
  • 5,000+ Client engagements
  • 600+ Pre-built capabilities
  • 24/7 virtual access for customers and partners

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