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Big Data and Cybersecurity Infrastructure Solution Delivered Internationally

A newly built cyber analytics center was in need of a comprehensive security and data analytics infrastructure solution. The customer lacked the engineering resources, integration capabilities and big data expertise to make it happen on its own.

In This Case Study

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One of the world’s largest defense and engineering groups needed an infrastructure solution to support a cybersecurity and big data analytics implementation overseas. WWT designed, architected and deployed a fully integrated, secured system to the customer on time and within budget.

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Moreover, an aggressive deployment schedule and budgetary challenges demanded the quick assessment of requirements and solution implementation within a three-month window.

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The first phase of the engagement involved WWT architecting the overall solution design. We authored a white paper that compared FlexPod Select to a legacy NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop (NOSH). In addition, we used its big data reference architecture to jointly create a source control document.

The second phase consisted of architectural revisions and took place over six months while requirements were fluid. WWT worked with OEM partners to ensure all required specifications and integration issues were addressed. This was especially critical because some components were not typically exposed to the level of hardening required by cyber analytics center standards.

The third phase consisted of final physical configuration, integration and shipping. We used our North American Integration Center in St. Louis to execute requirements. During this phase, we configured customized rack brackets to help stabilize equipment within the customer’s data center and used our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to provide RSA enVision syslog PCAP and a virtual ISO machine to address a customer issue. We also:

  • Configured UCS/FAS/E-Series/Network/SafeNet
  • Installed RedHat Enterprise Linux (v6.2) and Hadoop
  • Hardened with RHEL/2960/FAS/Cloudera
  • Created a Centrify Active Directory local environment
  • Provided VPN access for customer
  • Provided Kestrel analytics software configuration and testing

The customer visited the Integration Center for two weeks of detailed acceptance and performance testing that included physical rack inspection, hardware functionality and device equipment system checks, power down and power up, hardware component configuration, Cloudera acceptance and performance testing with hardening failure tests and external ingest, and environmental and regulatory checks. Additionally, WWT simulated the Nexus 5K solution present in the customer’s home environment.

When it came time to crate and ship equipment, we faced another unique requirement. Racks could not be shipped in an integrated fashion using a NetApp E2660 controller and/or DE6600 expansion shelf per instruction from the OEM. NetApp de-installed 3000 disk drives in the Integration Center before shipping. To solve this issue, WWT provided custom crating, shipped components separately and re-installed upon arrival at the customer’s site.

To meet strict international shipping standards, we helped vapor seal racks with barrier material and polyethylene foam to prevent moisture from seeping into the equipment during its three-month overseas voyage.

As a final precaution, WWT packed shipping containers with air bags, so crates would remain stable and upright during the trip.

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WWT demonstrated innovation, thought leadership and expertise in designing and integrating this big data and cybersecurity infrastructure solution. The customer was able to meet complex requirements and receive a fully integrated and hardened system on time and within budget.

As a result, WWT was recognized at the NetApp Partner Conference for Outstanding Contribution from a NetApp Team Partner. This engagement has proven to our partners and customers that WWT can execute a complete, turnkey big data and cybersecurity project.